4 Things You Need To Play PlayStation VR Games

Are you ready for PlayStation VR? The PlayStation VR virtual reality headset is set to be released in the fall of 2016. News has it, that development of titles for the PlayStation VR is in overdrive; there are more than 50 scheduled to be released shortly after Sony’s “Project Morpheus” becomes available to the general public. So, what accessories are you going to need for a complete PlayStation VR experience or rather, the capability to play any tittle that catches your attention?

Let’s see what you are missing and what you already have. You don’t want to have the headset delivered in October only to realize that you cannot immediately start playing, because something is missing, right?


PlayStation Camera

The PlayStation Camera

The PlayStation Camera was introduced when the PlayStation 4 debuted. PSVR is going to use it for positional tracking and as such, the unit will be mandatory. Recall, that you do not need the camera to play most of the titles, which were developed for PS4. In fact, most people who purchased it with their console only need it to log in, when the console boots up. If you bought one back then, make sure it is safe, because you will need it by October.

A new PlayStation Camera for use with PSVR can be purchased individually for a cost of $50. If you are however working on a budget and need to save at every opportunity, you can get a used one from eBay at a much lower cost. Advisably, you should get one earlier because there will be a very high demand, once Morpheus gets to our living rooms, basements and wherever else you do your serious gaming.



PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move

These controllers will not be needed for every title that will be developed for the PSVR. However, you do not want what you can and cannot play, to be dictated by your possession or lack of an accessory. You will need two of them, whereby each costs $25. Again, this could be a steep price for people who game on a budget. Look out for used ones on the Internet. Note, that you have to be careful, if you are not going to get a new pair; make sure, that they are in good working condition. Luckily, if you purchased these controllers for your PS3, they will be adaptable for PSVR experiences.



DualShock 4

DualShock 4 Controllers

If you are going to battle your friends in multiplayer mode, you need DualShock 4 Controllers. These are bundled with a PS4 purchase or to cut the story short, you already have them, if you have the console. However, a list of the accessories you need to play PlayStation VR games cannot be complete without DualShock for one major reason:

In multiplayer modes, only the person wearing the PlayStation VR gets to use Move controllers, while the other four use DualShock controllers. In most titles, that are being developed and support multiplayer gameplay, the gamer wearing Sony’s VR headset will be the enemy. The demo title, Monster Escape demonstrates this kind of gameplay very well.



PlayStation 4

A PlayStation 4 Console

It is easy to forget, that you need the PS4 itself, if you intend to use PSVR. If you have not upgraded from PS3 yet, now is the time or otherwise you won’t get a taste of the new revolution, while it is still hot. Think about it like that: the PlayStation VR is the next big thing in Sony’s gaming empire and if anyone is going to desire it and does not have PS4 already, they need to purchase it as an accessory.



Tips on getting the accessories you need for the cheapest possible price

If you do not have the console already, consider buying one with 500 GB of storage instead of the 1 TB model. You might want to add more space for your games, movies and apps but, keep the upfront cost low and upgrade later when the need arises. Of course, you can bundle the camera with your purchase of the console, which means you will only be lacking in PlayStation Move controllers.

Although it is not the cheapest option, Sony has announced that they will bundle the camera and controllers on the day PSVR launches to be sold for $499.99.


To be on the safer side, shop now and stay ready. You never know, the prices of these accessories might hike unbelievably in October because of the revolution that awaits.

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