5 PlayStation VR Facts You Need To Know

PlayStation VR in action

PlayStation VR is Sony’s first genuine attempt at virtual reality gaming after its different top of the line and outrageously costly head-mounted displays, such as the Sony HMZ-T2 and Glasstron. Now, two years after its initial announcement, when the PSVR was still known as “Project Morpheus”, Sony is planning to release the PlayStation VR in October this year. This also means, in addition to the device itself, lots of¬†new games taking advantage of the virtual reality technology will begin to show up for the PS4 once it launches.

So you might wonder why you should be following the buzz around PlayStation VR and Sony’s plans to revolutionize console gaming?¬ Here¬†are five facts you need to know about the upcoming Sony PlayStation VR and¬†why you have to pay attention to this VR headset!


PlayStation VR Monster Escape Gameplay


PlayStation VR lands with 50 launch titles

At the point, when PlayStation VR launches in October, it will have 50 titles accessible for purchase right away. Sony has expressed, that they are working with more than 230 developers and publishers around the globe to build even more¬†titles for the PlayStation VR. Of course, it’s difficult to believe, that these will all be huge blockbuster launches – However, having 50 titles ready on a product launch is a very¬†good accomplishment and will keep gamers playing for a while.


PSVR may come to PC

While PlayStation VR will be launched for the PS4, Sony’s VP Masayasu Ito hasn’t discounted the possibility of launching the PlayStation VR on PC¬†later. Japanese daily paper Nikkei was told by Ito, that the likelihood exists to extend¬†PlayStation VR to PC, as the PlayStation 4 shares¬†a hefty portion of its parts with a regular PC. Right now they are focusing on the PlayStation 4, but hopefully we will start to see more support and platforms for the Playstation VR in the future.


PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move is having a comeback with PSVR

Considered by many as a disappointment, Sony’s PlayStation Move is returning with PlayStation VR! So if you still have those wands concealed in your controller drawer, the ideal time is coming to take¬†them out and recharge them once more, because many PlayStation VR titles will support or require them for a perfect VR gaming experience. Particularly those games, where simulating¬†your hands inside¬†the game¬†is crucial for¬†the VR experience, will rely on the PlayStation Move controllers.


PSVR will not feature bone-conduction headphones

Initial rumors around PlayStation VR, formerly¬†known as “Project Morpheus” hinted towards the fact that, rather than headphones, it would come with¬†bone-conduction earphones incorporated within its headband. These have been exchanged for standard earbuds or earphones. You even have the option to play sound from your TV, if you would rather not feel completely engrossed.


Virtual Reality Presence

PlayStation VR offers true VR gaming for a low price

Sony declared, that PlayStation VR will cost $399 on its launch – that would put the unit in the same price category as “another next gen gaming platform”. That being said, the PlayStation 4 was offered for the same price, when it was launched back in 2013.¬†Compared to the competitors Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which retail for $599 and $799¬†respectively, the PlayStation VR is the cheapest option for virtual reality gaming. Check out our complete PlayStation VR vs Oculus and Vive price comparison, if you want to know more.


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