8 PlayStation VR Titles To Watch Out For Before Its Release

The release of Sony’s PlayStation VR is highly anticipated. A revolution is underway and surely, not a single avid gamer wants to be left behind. There has been a lot of hype regarding the virtual reality headset, but let’s not forget, that it is the games we get addicted to and not the hardware. So, while you wait for your first experience of Sony’s Project Morpheus, here is a roundup of a few intriguing game titles, that have begun attracting a steady stream of hype as well.

The list cited below includes titles developed by Sony’s own studios as well as those created by third-party developers. Note, that this is not a list of the best titles, because there is no evidence to cement such a claim. However, the majority of these will most likely find their way to top-ten-lists soon after PSVR is available to the public.


Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight was initially a VR demo, that was developed by Ubisoft. Apparently, the folks who tested it liked it a lot and for that reason, it is now one of the official PlayStation VR titles. Gameplay involves flying as an eagle over Paris. This particular title is expected to garner a lot of popularity or rather, is already popular. It will certainly be one of the VR titles everyone will be talking about this October when the PlayStation VR launches.

Eagle Flight PSVR Artwork


Star Wars: Battlefront VR

We cannot yet tell if this game will live up to the hype around it, but it is an interesting title anyway. It will be exclusive to the PSVR and supports multiplayer gameplay. There is very little that can be said about the game right now, except that a player using the virtual reality headset will be able to join other players using DualShock 4 controllers.

Star Wars Battlefront VR Fan Promo



Golem is another PlayStation exclusive. You will take on the character of a girl, who controls golems, while simultaneously navigating her way through ancient ruins, that will obviously hold many treasures. Controlling the golems using your eyes and movements will be challenging – and if a game is challenging, it could as well be addictive.

PlayStation VR - Golem Screenshot


Ace Combat 7

If you are a fan already, things just got better. Some of the features you should expect from Namco Bandai are photorealistic graphics, an allowance to choose between authentic and futuristic aircraft, and of course, the dogfighting action in this flight simulator.

AC7 PlayStation VR


London Heist (PlayStation VR Worlds)

London Heist will certainly leave a big mark as the new revolution takes shape. The title requires the player to use PlayStation Move controllers for enhanced realism. As such, the gamer will have full control over the characters body. The game’s demo at E3 drew the attention of many gamers. We can only wait and see what will become of it once it is accessible from our gaming rooms.

PSVR London Heist


Dead Secret

Are you looking forward to experiencing what horror can be in virtual reality? Dead Secret will lure you into its depths of mystery. The storyline revolves around an enthusiastic journalist, who is looking for the kind of story to make headlines. On your quest to find out who murdered Harris Bullard, it is not too difficult to lose yourself in the journalistic character. Dead Secret is special in a way, because it will go down in history as the first horror title that was released by Robot Invader.

PSVR Dead Secret


Gran Turismo Sport

Fans of racing games will find it hard to resist this one. It has been one of Sony’s popular exclusives and although not much has changed about it in years, it is just about to take a leap. Imagine the thrill of being able to race realistically in VR! As usual, the game will feature FIA Gran Turismo Championships. Be a hero for you home country or the best driver you favorite car manufacturer ever had.

Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR


Robinson: The Journey

This new title from Crytek is one of those, that were announced at E3. The storyline is about a boy who has crash-landed in another planet with stunning scenery around him. But the boy is not alone – this planet is populated by dinosaurs and other creatures you have never set eyes on in our world.

Robinson The Journey



Developers are busy creating new content for the PlayStation VR. These are just a couple game titles you can get to play this year. Many more top PlayStation VR Games will begin to show up with new ways to fully utility the PlayStation VR in many different ways!

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