Battlezone’s Campaign completely playable in 2-4 Player Online CO-OP

Just recently, we got some news on the PlayStation VR game, which is often called “the mother of all tank games” Battlezone.

Rebellion Developments, an Oxford-based game studio, announced Thursday, that they will be releasing one of the first co-op games for virtual reality out there. Battlezone will allow up to four players to team up and shoot-out in an arena together! The complete campaign will be playable in online multiplayer CO-OP.


So How Exactly Does This Game Work?

Battlezone is a solo or CO-OP arcade experience – you vs the enemy across a campaign. Taking a spin off the classic Atari Battlezone, instead of controlling a tank with a controller, players get to experience sitting inside of it – all in first-person.

Battlezone Action Screenshot

As players advance through the game to conquer one arena after another, they will find themselves firing a wide range of different weapons, which can even be upgraded with in-game currency. In addition, the game also features special equipment for the tanks, such as an EMP or an item called “Rot”, which gradually corrodes any enemies caught in its radius. Special equipment is also upgradeable.

Your tank can be equipped with 3 different weapons and one piece of special equipment.


Bring the CO-OP Action!

As you continue to go through the challenges this PlayStation VR game offers, your tank will become stronger and stronger – but so will your enemies. During certain missions, you may find yourself overwhelmed and need to call for backup. This is where the CO-OP fun kicks in!



When starting a CO-OP session, a team of up to 3 friends can join you on your mission and help you complete the objective together. Your co-op partners can be from anywhere in the world, and they will still get the same virtual reality experience, that will make you feel as they are right next to you.


By teaming up with your friends, your squad gets the possibility to experiment with different loadouts, tank types and play styles to find out what works best. Your teammates can also revive you, should you ever get in trouble.


As far as complexity is concerned in the game, players will rarely see the same thing twice in order to keep the excitement and rush alive. Employees of Rebellion, the studio behind the game often joke about how lengthy each campaign is in the game and even showed how the progression system works in the trailer.


“no campaign will ever be the same”


If players are unable to pass a campaign due to losing all reserve levels, they must start from the beginning of the campaign. And for many people, this is where the challenge begins. It will be interesting to see if the developers really make this game a success without it getting boring.


PlayStation VR is the Perfect Platform for Battlezone

As you might know, Battlezone was a prominent game in the 80s on the Atari system. While younger gamers nowadays don’t know what it was like playing the original game, it was a huge hit. Luckily, the new generation now gets the chance to see what it was like, when it launches October 13th with the PlayStation VR itself!


The PlayStation VR seems like the perfect platform to relaunch this game! While most games, that feature tanks and other arsenal strategy games are rarely a huge success versus first person shooting games like Call of Duty, we expect this one to perform a lot better, as the immersion VR gives you, makes you feel like you actually sitting inside the tank in this tron-like world.



Imagine being in a tank, seeing and feeling incoming attacks. This is what really gets the adrenaline pumping. Battlezone is definitely going to be an exciting release, that we are looking forward to seeing when the PlayStation VR launches.



Battlezone is currently available for pre-order in the European PlayStation Store for 59.99€. It should arrive in the US Store shortly for an estimated price of $59.99.

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