The Best of PlayStation VR’s Launch Titles

PlayStation VR Move Game Player

Sony’s PlayStation VR promises a user friendly and revolutionary virtual reality experience, and from what we’ve seen of it, it lives up to the hype. But one aspect that every gamer considers before purchasing a new gaming console is the availability of games on the console.

In our earlier article – “Top 3 PlayStation VR Games To Watch Out For”, we took a preliminary look at three highly promising games, that are set to come out for the PlayStation VR. However, those games are in an early stage of development and won’t be available to gamers, until many months after the release of the PlayStation VR. This raises the question: Is the PlayStation VR a worthwhile buy at release?

Based on Sony’s launch lineup for the PlayStation VR, we’d say yes. All news and rumors point to a mid October release date for the PlayStation VR. Sony has promised to release over 50 games for the PlayStation VR between launch and December; and there are several great titles available on the PlayStation VR right from day one! Let’s take a look at some noteworthy games that the PlayStation has lined up or launch or near launch.


The PlayRoom VR

Sony first revealed this game at E3 last year, and it has served as a poster child for the PlayStation VR throughout its development.

The PlayRoom is a set of mini-games that Sony bundles with its PlayStation 4 console. The PlayStation 4 utilized the PlayStation Camera to display little augmented reality robots in your living room. These characters can be interacted and played with. With the introduction of the PlayStation VR, The PlayRoom’s augmented reality becomes virtual reality. The VR version of the PlayRoom offers additional mini-games and even more possibilities.

The PlayRoom VR also offers a multiplayer experience, although only one player can use the PlayStation VR headset. The other players participate in the action through the television.


PlayStation VR Worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds is a game developed by London Studio. It consists of five virtual reality experiences, each of which place you in highly immersive, different roles –

The first of these has been tentatively titled “Into the Deep” and features the player descending in a cage through an ocean. It starts out innocently, with the player taking part in the marine scenery. Things soon go wrong, however, when the player is attacked by sharks.

The next section is a bit more interactive. In “The London Heist”, the player takes on the role of a gangster. The player has to escape, while being chased after undertaking robberies. The game is controlled using PlayStation Move. You use one hand to fire a gun and use the other to reload ammo. The game can also be played using a DualShock 4.

Another section is “Danger Ball”, a game similar to tennis, except you use your head to hit the ball instead of a racket.

The section “VR Lunge” puts you in the shoes of a street racer. You lie down on what appears to be a skateboard and dodge cars and slide under trucks while navigating a beautiful Californian hillside.

And the last section in PlayStation VR Worlds is “Scavenger’s Odyssey”, which is a sci-fi themed treasure hunt where you navigate through obstacles using a futuristic vehicle and shoot lasers at enemy aliens to reach an ancient artifact. The game is played using the DualShock 4.


Rigs: Mechanized Combat League

Rigs: Mechanized Combat League is a combination of unusual concepts. In Rigs : Mechanized Combat League, you wear large, mechanical suits and form teams to compete in an arena. Except it isn’t just combat; there is a sort of sport involved.

You progress through Rigs: Mechanized Combat League by fighting and shooting lasers at other teams in order to collect power orbs. Once enough power orbs have been collected, you enter “overload mode”. At this point your goal is to get yourself through a large hoop in the center of the arena. In overload mode, your speed increases and you can restore damage inflicted on your mecha suit by other players. Strategic use of the overload mode is essential for success.

Rigs: Mechanized Combat League works because it is fast paced and plays up to the PlayStation VR’s strengths. Controls are streamlined and responsive and the action is fast paced and exciting.


Star Wars Battlefront VR

Star Wars Battlefront VR is being produced for the PlayStation VR by developer DICE and is being published by Electronic Arts. The VR edition of Star Wars Battlefront will be powered by DICE’s Frostbite engine, which has been used by AAA titles in the past such as BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and DICE’s own Battlefield 4.

The game has been revealed to be a PlayStation VR exclusive – a result of Sony’s partnership with Lucasfilm, DICE and Electronic Arts.

Star Wars Battlefront VR Fan Promo

Although we know very little about the VR implementation of the game itself, expectations run high. DICE is the illustrious developer behind the acclaimed Battlefield series, and with such big names backing it, fans expect something spectacular from Star Wars Battlefront VR.

Star Wars Battlefront has been labelled as “an experience”, leading some fans to speculate that it might be a game set more along the line of PlayStation VR Worlds, rather than the first person shooter games DICE is known for making.


EVE: Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie is a space themed multiplayer dogfight game by CCP Games. Players are launched from a carrier into a battlefield with 11 other drones and have to navigate through a vast battlefield. The goal is to destroy enemy aircraft, while avoiding being blown to bits.

It’s rich space environments, detailed aircraft models and frenetic action make EVE: Valkyrie particularly suited for virtual reality technology.

EVE: Valkyrie’s multiplayer aspect is undoubtedly its most unique feature. The game is set to release on all virtual reality platforms; including the HTC Vice and the Oculus Rift. Moreover, the game will feature cross platform connectivity. This means the game will have one, absolutely huge network of players – always a plus for a multiplayer game.



Virtual reality is all set to revolutionize the gaming experience.

Although mainstream VR gaming is in its infancy, more and more developers are embracing this technology; and that number will only increase in time. Remember, Sony has promised to release more than 50 games within two months of the PlayStation VR’s launch.

With such a wide variety of titles, there’s sure to be something to suit every taste!

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