Best 5 PSVR Games of 2016 you might’ve missed

5 PSVR Games you might have missed

After the launch of the PlayStation VR, everyone can agree that there is only one thing missing: an infinite amount of games to play. The virtual reality device is a success from a gamer point of view, as it provides a ton of fun and an incredible level of immersion.

However, with the significant number of PSVR titles available in the upcoming months, a lot of people have missed some of them. This article is here to provide you with games that are not too popular, but definitely worth a look.



Reviews: 94% Positive Reviews on Steam.

Available on: Vive, PSVR.

Launch Date: Late October / November 2016.


Already available on the Vive, HoloBall is deemed one of the best sports experiences in Virtual Reality. While online multiplayer is on its way, the AI already offers a great challenge that will keep you moving in front of your PlayStation.

As a mix between Dodgeball and Tron, Holoball will offer you many hours of fun. However, the developer warned that the PSVR version, since it cannot use room-scaling, will be more of a standing experience than a running-around experience but will still provide a great amount of fun.


The goal of the game is to smash the HoloBall with a paddle, controlled with your PS Move. Your opponent will try to do the same, as a point is scored every time the ball passes a player.

Furthermore, the game provides an evolving AI, which makes the game harder and harder with time.


Finally, you can always try to top the leaderboards while waiting for the upcoming online multiplayer.


Eagle Flight

Reviews: N/A.

Available on: Rift, Vive, PSVR.

Launch Date: 18th of October 2016.


This game lets you live a dream we all had when we were young: fly like a bird. Set in a deserted Paris, Eagle Flight allows you to control an eagle and roam freely around town.

Set 50 years after humans vanished from the earth, this game will offer a new Paris invaded by vegetation. With its unique style, fun gameplay, and multiplayer mode, you can be confident that this game will offer an amazing experience.


The single-player experience will let you fly freely around the city. You can find hidden passages and items that will let you gain some advantages for the multiplayer. You can play online with up to 6 players. Either be the hunter or the hunted in this game where skills and knowledge of the city will help you catch your prey, or escape.


Space Rift VR

Reviews: 80% Positive reviews on Steam.

Available on: Rift, Vive, PSVR.

Launch Date:  Late October 2016 (1st episode).


In this episodic game, you will be able to travel through space in a story designed for Virtual Reality. Fly out on various minions, mine minerals to upgrade your ship, and take part in the fight to save humanity.

With full voice acted cinematics, the story is also an important part of the game. The premise is that humans had to relocate to Mars after a meteor shower made Earth inhabitable.


You play as Casey Black, a pilot who will try to end the strict leadership of megacorporations, which slave humans for their own profit. The game can also be played on PC without any VR headset, but it’s clearly a much better experience when played in virtual reality.


Werewolves Within

Reviews: N/A.

Available: Rift, Vive, PSVR.

Launch Date: 6th of December 2016.


Most people who went to summer camp have played Werewolf. Also known as Mafia, the concept of the game is quite basic. Amongst a group of people, some play the role of normal villagers, while others secretly are werewolves, that try to eat the whole village. There are also other characters with various powers to help you catch the werewolves.


Werewolves Within takes the concept of this board game and brings it into VR. Set around a campfire, the game tracks your mouth and the tone of your voice to animate your character. Bad liars beware! Others will be able to see whether your tone is truthful or not.

Hours and hours of fun can be spent in this game, where trickery and teamwork are necessary to win.


The inclusion of VR and the fact that facial expressions and tones will be seen through your character, make this game incredibly fit for VR. This is the kind of game you can always replay, as long as you have a few friends to play with.


Trackmania Turbo

Reviews: 4.5/5 on the PlayStation Store (for the basic game)

Available: Rift, Vive, PSVR.

Launch Date: Already out, VR patch on 8th of November.


If Trackmania had to be resumed in one sentence, it would be: The craziest circuits for the craziest pilots.

Drive on one of the 200 unlockable circuits, or create your own with their track designer. You can also play the tracks that others have created.


Offering various gameplays that greatly change the way you have to handle your vehicle, you are sure to never run out of content with this game.

Already available as a normal game, Ubisoft is set to release a free VR update on November 8th. However, the game does not offer a cockpit view as of now. You can either see your car in third-person or set your camera on the front of your vehicle.

If you can find a deal, as this game as already been out for some time, you will enjoy a good driving game for a very low price.

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