Devil May Cry 5 – PlayStation Release Soon

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Capcom Director has released a tease about a new game coming this year and all eyes are on Devil May Cry 5 on the PlayStation. I would even wish it would also come with a PlayStation VR version to satisfy our Virtual Reality urge. The Devil May Cry series has been very successful but the developers and Hideaki Itsuno are not in a hurry to release the game. Usually they release the newer version of the game after 3 years from the latest version.This sequence was from Devil May Cry 1 to all the way to Devil May Cry 4. Since then it has been 8 years from 2008 when Devil May Cry 4 was released. Some can argue that a special addition was released in 2015 but still it is not a whole new game.


Other analysts believe it might be  Dragon’s Dogma 2 or a new Rival Schools game. On the contrary I believe this hype created by Hideaki Itsuno has to be for the one and only Devil May Cry 5. The coming days will definitely be exciting for the fans series. Another thought is that it could be another DMC like the one released in 2013. Although Capcom are reluctant to repeat the same mistake as that version was a complete loss and did not make much sales.



Devil May Cry 5 Wishlist :

This is probably the most interesting and creative part for us fans to dig into, the wishlist. Us fans always want improvement to video games and we are not a quiet crowd as we will say what we want and its up to the developer to ignore or listen, the later I hope. The first improvement on the wishlist is having a fully rotating camera instead of the fixed angle the previous games had. Having a player controlled camera angle would increase immersion in the game and make combat much better. Not only can the player have a better view of the action but this will make the game more user friendly. The second on the list is having an open world Devil May Cry game.

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This would surely change the game mechanics and code but it will appeal to many genre fans to buy this game as the open world niche is becoming the next big thing in gaming. Giving the player the freedom to choose the next step has a satisfying feeling when a correct choice is made. The third on the list is having more bosses types instead of recycled bosses. The boss element in the game is probably one of the most fun action. There is much intensity before a boss is revealed thinking what could it be? Imagine more bosses, more surprises, and more action. This is a win-win addition to the game.


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Release on PlayStation VR :

Now there has not been much talk about developing the game for PlayStation VR but this game can become a success with VR. Not necessarily making it a first person view but keeping the third camera angle. This will explode the immersion in game. Many third person games used VR successfully and Devil May Cry can too. It is a choice of the developers of coarse and measuring whether VR has enough momentum and worth there while financially. We will surely love a VR version and we are looking forward for more news about the game from Hideaki Itsuno. We will keep you all posted.

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