Does Playstation VR have a chance to make it big in the Market?

Does the PlayStation VR have a chance to make it big?

Recently, Sony has announced the release date of its latest, very special gaming platform: the PlayStation VR. A lot of gamers instantly felt excited about this new gaming headset, which works with the PlayStation 4 camera. Now the question is: Can the PSVR compete with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and dominate the world of virtual reality gaming?


What are the testers saying?

If you check it out, you will notice, that the features of this gaming platform are indeed very competitive. Those who have tried it all share the same opinion; it can actually compete with the already established VR products in the market.

Many gamers who have aleady had a chance to try it say, that the PSVR feels very natural and simple to use. They state, that the head tracking experience in the VR is all worth it. Gamers have to move back or forwards by physically leaning. The steeper you lean, the faster you move inside the virtual world.

One incredible advantage of the PlayStation is the PS Camera. It can easily catch even the slightest tilt in every direction. Some gamers may have some control issues as they try to move forward or down.

Another good thing about this gaming platform is that it allows you to move. Imagine games, where you can practice sword fighting, physical combat, racing or flying a spaceship in Star Wars: Battlefront. Virtual reality is probably one of the best ways to play such games.


PlayStation VR with Move Controllers


How to use the PlayStation VR?

The PlayStation VR is not complicated to use at all. All you need is to secure the single strap on your head and then make yourself comfortable with the googles over your eyes. You can easily adjust the size of the band by pressing a single button. It has already been said by many people who tried it, that it is easier to adjust compared to competing devices.

Gamers can also choose two different control methods depending on their preference and they game they are playing. You may opt to use the standard PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers or you may choose a pair of PlayStation Move motion controllers instead. Your choice depends on how you want to play the game and on the options the specific game provides.

With the PlayStation VR you can also move closer to or away from the screen with your head, which also has an impact on the game you are playing.


What are the exciting Games to Play?

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

You may try the game Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, which allows you to take part in a scary train ride located in an abandoned carnival. The game revolves around a very dark place, where your enemies are trying to slink behind you without you seeing them.

The Move controllers come in handy in this game as you use them to control your virtual guns. Expect some heart-pumping and horrifying action in this title!


Waltz of the Wizard

If you want to know how it feels like to be a wizard with superpowers, then this game is definitely for you. In Waltz of the Wizard, you have to experiment and drop various magic ingredients into a steaming cauldron. And when you do so, a certain magic potion is created, that allows you to transform objects in the room, lift them up or toss them around and much more.



Another of the games that you can enjoy with the PlayStation VR is Golem, which is made by a former Halo developer at the Highwire Games. Golem lets you experience the world of golems and explore its varying sizes. We have also written a more in-depth article of Golem for PlayStation VR.


When does the PlayStation VR Gaming begin?

The PSVR is soon to be released, more specifically this October. At the moment, it is still being finalized by Sony.

For those who have already chosen the Vive or the Rift, still keep an eye on this platform. The Sony PlayStation VR is something that you should really look forward to, because it is made by one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world. Sony has been in the business for decades, they are a leader when it comes to electronic gadgets and they are successfully dominating the gaming industry with their platforms.


Virtual Reality headsets allow you to explore new and beautiful experiences. It is not just gaming per se, it allows you to experience climbing Mount Everest or even going face to face with a dinosaur.

Obviously, virtual realities are designed to provide a new kind of video game experience. And for gamers, who are into these new gaming experiences, the PlayStation VR by Sony definitely has a lot of potential.

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