Fly like a bird with PlayStation VR and Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight PSVR Artwork

Have you ever wished to soar through the sky like a bird? Eagle Flight, Ubisoft’s new, upcoming virtual reality flight simulator lets you do just that! Eagle flight is slated for release by the end of this year for the virtual reality headsets PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


Eagle Flight is an open world game set in a universe, where humanity has completely vanished. The player explores the abandoned city of Paris as an eagle; 50 years after mankind’s mysterious disappearance. The art style of the game is strongly reminiscent of Ubisoft’s hit game series Assassin’s Creed.



The VR game features simple and intuitive motion based controls. The flight of the eagle is directed entirely through head movements using your virtual reality headset’s motion tracking abilities. You control the direction by simply looking in the direction you want to fly to. Raising and turning your head allows you to gain finer control over your eagle’s flight. Eagle flight also supports the Xbox One controller bundled with some virtual reality headsets and most likely Sony’s DualShock 4. The controller’s left and right triggers can be used to speed up the eagle’s flight or brake’ as well as fire projectiles at other birds.


Gameplay in Eagle Flight is mission based. Two types of missions have been showcased. The first one involves flying through hoops and the second one involves combat with other eagles. Eagle Flight features single player challenges, as well as support for multiplayer. The multiplayer in Eagle Flight consists of two teams of three, facing off against each other.


Basic missions are timed. The goal in these missions is to travel through hoops. These hoops are positioned in a manner, that encourages exhilarating maneuvering with plunging drops, swoops and turns. Flying correctly through the center adds time to the timer.

Eagle Flight Ingame Paris

The other type of mission has you fighting with other eagles. You use the controller to shriek’ at enemy birds, which sends a projectile shooting towards them. Enemy birds are just as fast as you are, which puts a greater emphasis on flying skills.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Eagle Flight is its multiplayer mode. Two teams of eagles, with three players each compete in Eagle Flight’s “Capture the prey” mode. In this mode, a dead rabbit appears in Paris, denoted by a purple marker that extends into the sky. The goal is to capture the prey and take it back to your nest, while dodging shots from the other players. This is far more difficult than you might think. You can’t directly fly to the location, where the prey is situated. Doing so will only get you shot down. Instead you have to lie low, stay near the ground and slowly make your way to the prey in stealth. This adds a tactical element to the gameplay of Eagle Flight.


Eagle Flight initially started as a prototype for Ubisoft, intended to test virtual reality. It was shown off at several events and started to be hugely popular soon. This inspired the decision to turn Eagle Flight into a full fledged game.


Eagle flight will be released for the PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4 and also Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on PC in fall 2016.

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