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For Honor is a hack-and-slasher released by Ubisoft in 2017, and is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Although Ubisoft sometimes simplifies the battle dynamics in their games, focusing more on exploration and character development capabilities, For Honor is a breath of fresh air. It is a complex, yet very entertaining fighting game that combines a lot of tactics with brutal cold weaponry. In this article we’ll examine the 4 classes and characters that are available for each of the factions. We will also see what advantages and disadvantages each of the choices presents.


Knights: Warden

Vikings: Raider

Samurai: Kensei

Vanguards can be referred to as a standard warrior class, that mixes a good amount of speed, agility and stamina with plenty of strength and power. Each faction has a different spin-off, with Knights boasting a Warden, the Vikings a Raider, and Samurai a Kensei. Vanguard is one of the easier classes to master, and there isn’t much difference between the factions. The most important aspect to master is moving the sword left, right, up and down in order to parry or deal a stinging blow to the opponent once he lowers his defences. Heavy and light attacks can be easily combined to create surprise combos which can deal a good amount of damage. Vanguard can fight on equal terms against huge and slow Heavies, as well as super-fast Assasins.


The only considerable difference between the factions characters is contained in the special attacks. The Warden has a shoulder barge attack that can forcefully push enemies, the Raider can pin the opponent to the ground in a wrestling fashion, while the Kensei is a more agile option, with fast side-step attacks that combine dodging the opponents attacks with fast counter-strikes.

ADVANTAGES – Well balanced class that can fight on equal terms with any other. Good amount of stamina, speed and power.

DISADVANTAGE – Easy to master, but doesn’t contain much gameplay novelty. Also lacks a unique super-attack that can really finish off an enemy in a second of brilliance.


Knights: Conqueror

Vikings: Warlord

Samurai: Shugoki

The Heavies class boasts 3 characters that pride themselves on heavy armor, gigantic stature and powerful, heavy attacks that can crush skulls with one swinging blow. This is a tank class that is designed for anyone who enjoys dealing with less combos and administering brute strength in order to win. Seperated by their respective factions, the class has a Conqueror, Warlord and Shugoki character, each posessing a few unique traits.

The Conqueror is a knight in shiney, and quite heavy armor. He is simply unmatcheable when it comes to parrying and blocking enemy attacks. It takes a lot of effort to destroy him, he has a huge shield and a flail that can deal a lot of damage. The Conqueror doesn’t have a lot of attacks at his disposal, but the one attack that is truly powerful is enough to destroy any enemy fast. Simply charging the flail swing for long enough produces a powerful attack that can take half of the opponents health in an instant. However, the heavy armor and weaponry do take a toll on the Conquerors speed, making him one of the slower characters in the game.

The Warlord is another heavy, brutish character. He is not equipped with as much armor as the Conqueror, making him not as powerful in defence. The Warlord is the sort of character that bashes everything in his way with little regard for his own safety. He carries a shield, and a broad sword, which pierces through any armor with good precision. Personally, the Warlord has been the most entertaining character in the game, boasting powerful attacks and speed which can make any opponent cry for his mommy.

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Shugoki caps off the Heavies class, and he’s definitely the heaviest out of the bunch. Shugoki is simply huge. Everything about him is grotesque, including his belly and his tree-sized club that he needs to muster all his strength to swing. Shugoki has the strongest attacks and if you manage to actually hit your opponent, there isn’t any successful blocking move that can completely eradicate the damage. Something has to give. Shugoki is powerful, but he takes time and dedication to master. Definitely a powerful choice against Hybrids, Vanguards, and Heavies, not so much against the fast and agile Assassins.

ADVANTAGES – Great health, armor, and powerful attacks.

DISADVANTAGES – Slow movement and attacks, difficult to play against as against skilled Assassins



Knights: Peacekeeper

Vikings: Berserker

Samurai: Orochi

Assassins are the classic rogue class. There main weapon is their agility, fast combo attacks, and counter-attacks. They are the most difficult class to become skillful at playing, but they are quite rewarding if you put in the time to do it. They are quite unpredictable for the opponent, making them especially potent against slower enemies. Assassins have the „neutral stance“ ability, which makes the opponent unable to predict from which angle they will strike, until they’ve already struck.

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The Peacekeeper and Berserker character are quite similar. They are both dual-wielders. Equipped with relatively small blades, they need to come in short proximity of the enemy to deal damage. This however, makes them more dagerous as they are able to block and parry moves much better when they’re close to the opponent. If they come close to a Shugoki or Warlord, they can deal massive damage against their slow and clunky defences. The Peacekeeper has to focus on combining heavy and light attacks, and making them flow effortlessly in order to deal a large amount of damage. This is a mastery in it’s own right, and takes time to perfect.

Orochi is a bit different than Peacekeeper and Berserker, mainly because he carries only one sword. This sword is longer than the dual-wielding blades, allowing Orochi to come close but also play it safe from a larger distance. Orochi has better blocking and parrying abilities, but he has slower attacks due to having only one weapon at his disposal.

Another thing worthy of mentioning is that Assassins have the ability to deflect attacks. This means that instead of blocking and having to take their time to swing back, the assassins can counter-attack almost instantly, catching the enemy of guard.

ADVANTAGES – Fastest class, powerful combo-attacks, counter-attacking capabilities

DISADVANTAGES – Have to come up close to attack, difficult to play with, not as efficient against faster Hybrids and Vanguards



Knights: Lawbringer

Vikings: Valkyrie

Samurai: Nobushi

As the name says, Hybrids are a mix of the 3 main classes. They combine speed, strength and armor in a unique fashion, and present a challenge to the player and his opponents to deal with.

The Lawbringer is quite similar to the Viking Raider. He carries a long polearm that allows him to strike from a good distance. He carries a good amount of armour as well and his strikes can stun the opponent. This is the most important feature of the Lawbringer. By stunning the opponent, the player has the ability to deal a crushing blow with a heavy attack.

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The Valkyrie boasts a long spear which can produce a sweep attack. The sweep attack tackles the enemy unto the floor, after which he is left without any meaninful defence. Valkyrie boasts a good amount of armour, but is not really slow. In terms of gameplay experience, it’s similar to playing a Warlord, with a mix of speed and potent offensive capabilities.

The Samurais boast their own Hybrid in the character of Nobushi. Just like the Lawbringer, Nobushi uses a polearm which allows her to attack from distance. It is one of the easiest classes to play as, and some players think she’s a bit OP. The reason is because of the „Hidden Stance“ ability. Similar to the ability of Assassins, the Hidden Stance allows the Nobushi to hide the angle of her attacks, thus leaving the opponent in the dark until it’s too late. The key with playing Nobushi is to stay at a safe distance and use the Hidden Stance to your advantage.

ADVANTAGES – Combination of long-distance attacks, speed, and armour

DISADVANTAGES – Becomes vulnerable at close-distance combat


For Honor is unfortunately not optimized for PSVR. The Virtual Reality mode is difficult to pull off with fighting games, and that seems to be the case with For Honor as well. It would certainly be a lot of to play a For Honor character like Warlord in VR while cracking skulls and taking names, but that’s not on the table at the moment.


The For Honor characters and classes have a lot of differences, and a lot of features to explore. Playing with and against each of these For Honor characters provides a different experience, keeping the gameplay replay value at a high level. This is a great game to invest in if you’re looking for a fighting game that boasts not only impressive graphics and great characters, but also requires intelligence and skill to

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