Get a free PSVR Game via December’s PS Plus Games

Hyper Void PS Plus

In an unprecedented (and slightly baffling) move, Sony has quietly included a PSVR game in December’s selection of “free” games offered by Playstation Plus.

While it was completely unpublicized by Sony, one of the PS3 offerings going live on 12-06-16 was Hyper Void, InFramez Technology’s tunnel shooter. And while only shown as a PS3 release on Sony’s official documentation, Hyper Void is actually a cross-buy title, meaning that it can be downloaded to the PS4 by all Playstation Plus members.


Further, a patch was released for Hyper Void on the day of the PSVR’s release, giving the game PSVR compatibility.

According to the game’s website, “Hyper Void will be one rare case among other PlayStation VR games that will deliver native 120fps VR experience on the PS4.”


Released originally for PS4 on September 8, 2015, Hyper Void’s gameplay can be described as both a rails shooter and a modern spin on the old arcade classic “Tempest”. Players are constantly propelled forward, either through an open field in space, or spinning around the edges of a “wormhole”.

Enemies spawn in the distance, with the player’s motion limited to sliding sideways, lining up quick shots to eliminate bad guys before moving on to the next.



Hyper Void currently carries a rating of 7/10 on various game review websites, with critics praising its smooth and beautiful visuals, balanced level of challenge, and nostalgic sense of personality. Some common complaints center on the brevity of the experience (30 levels and it’s over) and an unnecessary storyline.


Regardless, free is free, and Hyper Void is almost certainly worth a free download to check out. It is absolutely a mystery why Sony did not choose to trumpet the inclusion of a PSVR game in its Plus offerings this month, but I am nonetheless thankful for Hyper Void’s inclusion.

Here’s hoping that Sony continues to offer free PSVR titles on a monthly basis, and here’s further hoping that they find it in their hearts to, you know, tell us about it.

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