Gaming Conventions 2017 – E3 New PSVR Games

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The Playstation VR has made a new leap in technology this year with many new games on the horizon as we saw the reveals in the gaming convention E3. The platform really needs a boost in new games as there is a dry spell recently. Big games like Resident Evil VR make players happy for a while but new games need to be consistently being released to keep the interest going. This years E3 gaming convention brings light at the end of the tunnel with some great titles coming for the PSVR soon.

Skyrim VR :

The most notable game which got people excited is Skyrim VR on the PSVR. Imagine walking around in this vast world with VR being immersed with the characters and being attacked by dragons. The thought alone gets people hyped up. Release date is not yet exactly confirmed but the developers said for sure this year talking about 2017.

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Until Dawn :

The next game on the list is Until Dawn which is the interactive survival horror game which became a big hit. This will release the itch for many horror fans specially after the experience of Resident Evil VR. Its a story about eight friends trapped together on a remote mountain retreat, and they aren’t alone. The interesting aspect is that you can play as each of the eight characters and experience fear like you never have before.

Until Dawn Oujia Board

Moss :

Moss is a game about an adventure of a mouse in a forest. The story line is about a mysterious stone found in the forest. The game has an adventure style with action with familiar joystick controls. From the first impression the atmosphere and graphics do like promising.



The Impatient :

This game is similar to Until Dawn and is actually set 60 years before the events of Until dawn take place. Its also a survival horror game and you play as an amnesia patient trying to figure out what you are doing in this place.

Bravo Team :

Bravo Team is a new VR first person shooter. This genre is limited so far on the PSVR since nausea affect they may cause to the player. Hopefully the developers have found the balance between immersion and gameplay to make this game less sickening. It is very similar to first person shooter war games in a sense.


These games will certainly add to the good collection the PSVR already has. The Gaming Conventions (E3) are very exciting and developers really like to show-off the upcoming games in Hollywood fashion. Lets hope more games are developed in the next year too as VR will keep making leaps and strides until it is perfected.

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