Golem – A PlayStation VR exclusive

Golem - PlayStation VR Exclusive

2016 will be known as the year when virtual reality finally makes it into mainstream gaming. Sony’s PlayStation VR is shaping up to be among the the most promising of the VR headsets coming out this year.


For those of you haven’t heard of it, the PlayStation VR is a headset that connects to your PlayStation 4 and provides an immersive 360Β° 3D gaming experience. It’s scheduled to launch in October, and already has an impressive lineup of exclusive titles.

PlayStation VR - Golem Logo

Golem is a PlayStation VR exclusive being produced by Highwire Games. Highwire Games is a new studio comprised of industry veterans. These are among the people who worked on such critically acclaimed titles as Halo and Destiny. In Golem, you control an injured, bedridden girl who gradually develops the power to create and control stone creatures – golems.


Very little of Golem’s plot has been revealed. What we do know is that part of the game is set in an abandoned city, while the early sections on the game take place in house of the protagonist.


Golem does not utilize the DualShock 4 controller. You use the PlayStation Move instead, represented in-game as a large crystal in your avatar’s hands.


Early on, you only have the ability to control small golems. In fact, the very first golem you control is a tiny doll sized figure that’s limited to exploring your bedroom floor. You can venture beneath the floorboards, encountering cockroaches that seem gigantic in your miniaturized state.


In this section of the game, the PlayStation Move functions as a flashlight. In later parts of the game, you explore ancient ruins while controlling a 15 foot tall behemoth.

PlayStation VR - Golem Screenshot

Exploration is not the sole aspect of Golem’s gameplay. Later parts of the game include sword fight sessions with other golems. These sections of the game are controlled using the PlayStation Move to slash and block. Attacking is simple, you just need to swing your sword. Enemy sword strikes are blocked in a similar fashion.


Players might find this a change from traditional controllers, most of which require minimal hand movement. Highwire developer Jaime Griesemer was one of the people involved in designing the controls for Halo, a game that revolutionized controller design for first person games, so it will be interesting to see what Golem does with VR technology.


One of the challenges of virtual reality gaming that isn’t immediately apparent is motion sickness. VR technology can often be disorienting to players who are unused to it. This is much more of a concern in first person titles like Golem. To tackle this issue, Highwire Games has conceived a hybrid system.


Not all of Golem is played on VR, it switches between 2D TV based gameplay and virtual reality. This system was conceived in order to slowly build up the player’s tolerance to virtual reality.


Golem has been developed using Unreal Engine 4 and features music by Marty O’Donnell. No release date has been given at present, but developer Highwire Games has stated that the game is unlikely to be available at the launch of the PlayStation VR.


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