How Sony’s PlayStation VR Changes The Way We Play

PlayStation VR Revolution Reaction

Much has been said about the pricing, release date, and features when it comes to the Sony PlayStation VR, formerly known as Project Morpheus. In this article, we will instead aim to go over the cultural impact and significance of the new Sony device, what kind of effect the games will have on players and how it will change the world of gaming at large.

For that purpose, let’s take a look and analyze the upcoming title PlayStation VR Worlds, which is being created by London Studios. It is made up of five different virtual reality scenarios, one of which we will address in depth within this article. We also briefly explained the remaining scenarios of the game in our previous article “The Best of PlayStation VR’s Launch Titles”.


“Into the Deep”

The scenario is called (at least so far) “Into the Deep”, which allows you, the player, to climb into a cage deep inside the ocean. You will be checking out the scenery, then when things go wrong (as they inevitably do in these kind of games), you will have to deal with being attacked by sharks.

Into The Deep PlayStation VR Gameplay

You can see already how as a virtual reality experience this is a quite a different experience than has ever been encountered in gaming before. You are down there with the sharks. You are swimming around, trying to survive.

Whereas before, the gamer was just looking at a solitary display and interacting with the elements of the game via a screen, sitting in their living room or bedroom or wherever they happened to be playing. Now the gamer is in the world of the game he is playing, the gamer can turn his head, look in any direction — and the game reacts, the world shifts — all in real-time. In other words, he is taking part in his own virtual reality.

This adds so much depth and dimension to the gaming experience; comparing old and new game experiences might be akin to comparing movies before and after sound, or before and after color, or 3D technology.


The gamer will be able to avoid the sharks by diving deeper, or try to swim away, or stay and fight. There are endless options for what the gamer can do, and many, many more than there were before the advent of the VR headset.

Such a game, set as it is in the ocean with sharks, might not even be feasible as a regular PS4 game, but when created as a PlayStation VR experience, the world in which it is set takes on a whole new meaning for the player. There is an excitement, an adrenaline rush, a heightened reaction in the gamer with virtual reality, that wasn’t there in traditional gaming.



The heightened reality of the experience, the new depth of interactivity with the world of the game, sets a challenge that gamers will not have dealt with before.



Additionally, we will take a look at another game from our previous article “The Best of PlayStation VR’s Launch Titles”, Rigs: Mechanized Combat League. Rigs is a game, where the players wear great, big mechanized suits, in which they communicate with other players in those suits and build teams which will allow them to play competitively in the environment.

This game is not only a combat game, it is also a sports game. This is a huge innovation for gamers who are very action-oriented. A sports game and a combat game all rolled into one? Many players out there will be very stoked about this wonderful development.



Imagine a world in which you can run around in, in a huge mechanical suit, and fight other players — and not just on a screen in front of you, watching your avatar move around on a stage, but actually being in his head, looking around at the world, moving your neck to twist your head quite literally, and thereby seeing the other players on the battlefield with you. It is quite extraordinary.

This is the kind of virtual reality experience the world has been clamoring for since virtual reality gaming was first generally known as a concept. This particular virtual reality experience is just waiting to light up the worlds of gamers hungry for a gaming experience that is real and interactive on a whole new level.



It has been announced by Sony, that the PlayStation VR will cost $399 on its release. This goes hand-in-hand with Sony’s previous claims, that the device would be priced in league with what Sony considers the pricing of a new gaming platform. The highly anticipated VR headset will be released in October — later this year. As described in our PSVR Price Comparison, the PlayStation VR is priced significantly lower than its competitors, the Oculus Rift ($599), as well as the HTC Vive ($799).

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