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1. Horizon Zero Dawn

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Horizon Zero Dawn is the latest in a long line of hunting games for ps4. The game has just been released to rave reviews and it’s easy to see why. It’s an action packed role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games, and it is set in a beautiful type of post-apocalyptic world. The star of the game is Alloy, and she’s been banished from her tribe while trying to discover her mother’s identity. She’s a brave warrior who has proven herself time after time. When you check out the landscape, it’s cluttered with the remains of skyscrapers, corpses and busted computer terminals, while corrupted metal creatures wander in the valleys.

Goal of the game

Alloy’s goal is to save herself and her tribe from the clutches of these metal creatures that have made their lives a living hell. And in so doing, she will open up a whole new world that she can explore. The good thing is that she has an impressive set of skills that she can put to good use. She also has various weapons that she can use in her quest, including technology that she can use to hunt for the metallic creatures.

Dynamic Theme

The game is a joy to play and it features a wonderful collection of day and night scenes. The weather also changes during the game and at one point you can be in beautiful sunset and then find yourself in an icy blizzard. Alloy has a spear that she uses to kill the evil creatures. Also, she can override these creatures, take control of them, and ride them while continuing in her quest. Before the game was released, those fortunate enough to preorder a digital copy received a dynamic theme for the game as well as the Nora Machine-trapper Pack. This brand-new franchise is set to take the world by storm and is expected to sell up to six million copies before the close of 2017.

Release Date-28th February 2017


2. Big Buck Hunter

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This is the most popular Arcade Game in the world and it’s now available for your console among hunting games for ps4. It’s a fast-paced and highly addictive shooter game in which you try to hunt down deer as they stream past you. It comes with new controls and gun aiming mechanics that make it a must-have shooting game. You will get to travel across the planet as you hunt for wild game. Epic bonus challenges are also available, and it gives you a chance to test your speed and aiming skills. If you want to have success in this game, you need to adjust the sensitivity of your controller because when you try to use your controller to aim, it will be much harder compared to the arcade game.

The graphics in this game are pretty good and it brings the joy and excitement of playing the arcade game into your home. Most of the games happen in fast little burst, but the creators could do a better job of ensuring they load faster. You can play the game alone or you could play the multiplayer mode. You can also choose the Adventure, Standard or Bonus Only mode. In the adventure game, you go hunting in all the regions of the globe in a continuous round. The standard mode allows you to pick a region where you want to go hunting. The Bonus Only round is for testing your skills.

However, you need to remember that this game won’t provide the same gaming experience as the arcade game. There’s a gun in first-person style that moves to point to your cursor and you need to scroll it to try and hit the animals. If you manage to hit an animal, there won’t be any indication as to how accurate you were. However, for a game that allows you to enjoy being at the arcade, it isn’t too shabby.

Release Date-Has Already Been Released


3. Vikings-Wolves of Midgard

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This game is set on the shores of Midgard, a world based upon the mythology and history of the Vikings. The aim of the game is to battle against a fearsome enemy known as Jotan, gangs of terrifying vampire monsters, and various other beasts from Ragnarok. In this version of hunting games for ps4, you can choose to battle these enemies alone, or you can team up with another player though the game’s online multiplayer mode. You also need to become skilled in mighty weapons such as swords and shields, swift bows, two-handed hammers and dual-wielded axes.

Blood for the gods

You also need to go into battle to earn blood that you can offer to the gods, after which you will acquire and improve devastating spell powers among other items you can unlock. Apart from the usual game mode, you can test your mettle during the “Trials Of The Gods”, which is a unique challenge mode in which the very best warriors are rewarded with special runes and equipment.

Role-playing game

It is an action game developed by Games Farm and according to legend, when the coldest winter descends, the Jotan will return and take their vengeance against the Gods of Asgard. In this role-playing game, your character doesn’t level up, and you will only be able to access a limited set of abilities. The environment is frosty and doesn’t have too many landmarks. So to remain engaged, you will have to settle for the combat. As for your Viking skills, they have been assigned to all buttons and triggers on your controller, and each time you use one, it consumes your stamina. When you’re in battle, it demands you to dodge and roll, which also consumes your stamina.

Character development

When you attack your enemies, this version of hunting games for ps4 requires you to make split-second decisions; otherwise it might be the last time you’re seen on the battle ground. The good thing is that you are able to heal yourself several times before you need to boost your charm. When you defeat bosses, you get new weapons. There are also chests scattered around the globe that offer useful materials you can use to create improved tools for murdering your enemies.

Release Date-March 28th 2017







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