No Man’s Sky – The Perfect PlayStation VR Game?

These days, simply playing a video game isn’t enough. We need to experience it, to live it, and no matter how big our TVs or loud our speakers, there’s still a level of immersion we haven’t quite been able to reach. That’s why Sony is releasing its highly anticipated VR gaming system in October – the PlayStation VR (aka Project Morpheus) – which is hoped by many to be one of the necessary innovating steps towards a brand new immersive form of gaming.

Naturally, the type of games which will most easily adapt to this virtual space will be grand, open-world RPGs and MMOs. Those games which allow the player to wander around vast landscapes or jet off into the openness of space. First person shooters like Call of Duty and driving games are sure to be fun, of course – There’s already been plenty of positive talk about DriveClub’s VR debut. Likewise, when the technology advances even further the possibilities are surely limitless (imagine being a player on the pitch in a game of FIFA or Madden), but they’re unlikely to have the same overpowering, all-encompassing effect.


Eve: Valkyrie is already one such game which is being anticipated as one of the key VR launch titles for Sony. Thanks to its lucid visuals, impressive scope and gameplay centred around flying ships through densely-populated space, it certainly looks like something which will be a lot of fun in a virtual environment. Gamers will essentially be acting out their favourite scenes from sci-fi movies.


No Man's Sky PlayStation VR


But perhaps the most intriguing upcoming game on PlayStation’s slate is No Man’s Sky. The recent delay of the game was met with extreme (and frankly despicable) backlash, but despite speculation, it hasn’t actually been confirmed as a direct result of coinciding with the release of PlayStation VR in October; it’s still coming out in August. Even so, there’s surely a rich vein to be tapped by its inevitable integration with the immersive technology. Few games look quite so audacious.


No Man’s Sky is an ambitious, sprawling open-world indie game which is all about the exploration of space and alien planets. You can wander around on foot, passing alien lifeforms and marvelling at all of the vibrant and sparkling visuals, before entering a portal and popping out in a completely new biome, or hopping into a spaceship and jetting off through the infinity of space to land on a new planet to begin more exploration.



The game already looks immersive just from watching gameplay videos, so being in this world through a VR headset is guaranteed to be a mesmeric experience. Perhaps even profound, who knows? Sony is entering the realms of virtual reality to push boundaries and to make gaming more than just a passive recreational activity; not to offer us some gimmick that’s going to fade after a couple of years. By the looks of No Man’s Sky, nothing else will get us quite so close to actually experiencing interplanetary exploration beyond doing it for real – not even watching Star Wars in 3D.


Don’t get your hopes up about it being an MMO, however, as developers Hello Games have already confirmed that it is not. That means no sharing your virtual space with other players or going off on quests with your buddy sitting right beside you – which, let’s face it, would be really fun. You will be restricted to zipping around the massive landscapes by yourself.


But that doesn’t mean No Man’s Sky shouldn’t be one of the number one titles to put on your VR gaming hit list. Anyone who is investing in Sony’s new gadget is clearly going to be looking for a blend of the most compatible and fun games out there. While No Man’s Sky isn’t being released initially with VR capabilities, being that it releases a couple of months before PlayStation VR, it’s almost certain to be one of the most effective early adopters.



Time will tell just how well PlayStation VR will go down with gamers, but that time is coming up quickly. One thing is for certain: the early signs have been extremely positive, and gamers should be excited about the prospect of having a brand new way to play their games, as well as having a brand new game.


With the manner in which the PlayStation VR has already revolutionized the gaming industry, we can say without fear of contradiction that the future looks brighter then ever for all video game fanatics.

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