PlayStation 5 : Everything About the New Console

PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 is anticipated to come earlier than later in the next coming years. The assumption made by many about this advance in the release date is connected directly to the consumer market. After the release of the PlayStation Pro, Sony was hesitant about the sales figure as the console was just an upgrade from the previous PS4. Surprisingly the sales were great and this gave Sony the green light about consumers happy to make an upgrade even if they just bought the previous console three years later. Therefore the new PlayStation 5 might come along earlier than anticipated in late 2018 or early 2019.


 PlayStation 5 Specs :

The PlayStation 5 anticipated specs is firstly a 4k support by default. This will be the normal resolution in the future console and by that time the 4k TVs will be cheaper in price and widely available. The second most important upgrade would be the processor expected to be at least 3 times faster than the PS4 which will definitely give the developers a chance to produce triple A games not worried about performance. Adding to that a much higher end Graphics card expected to be 6 GB in memory which is equivalent to a high end PC at the moment. This added power will make sure games will have very high resolution with 60 FPS.


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Finally Is the hard disk with the PS5. It is anticipated by the jumps in recent years that games in the future will have very large files around 10GB average and sum even reaching 30GB. The console would need at least 2 Terra Bytes of hard disk space to accommodate the large game installs. Although some PlayStation enthusiasts have expressed the need for a SSD hard disk card as default which will increase the loads speeds a lot. Sony though is reluctant to use SSD as it is still expensive and they dont want the console to be more expensive to reach the most consumer levels.

End of Physical CD :

Sooner or later the transition will happen in this digital age. Cds are becoming less and less in recent years. Everything is streaming, downloads, and digital content. I believe the PlayStation 5 will still have a CD drive as a safe choice. There are still some people that like having the physical CD specially the collectors edition and SOny does not want to lose this market at the moment even though they know the sales are much less. It is just the safer decision at the moment of time but they will come again to these decision cross roads for the next console.


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Launch Price :

Sony has always tried to keep the consoles price down as much as possible for all PlayStations. The predicted price is expected to be around $400-550 depending on the specs and whether they go the SSD route or stick to the regular hard disk. Also the choice of the graphics card will have an impact on the price. If Sony believes the console upgrade idea of a three year cycle is working they might choose a good cheaper graphics card for now and then build the newer PlayStation 5 Pro with the higher expensive graphics card for people wanting to pay more.

The Future of VR is here :

By the time the new console is here the VR world would have advanced by much. The PlayStation VR experience will be much more realistic and interactive on the new console;. I would also expect that Sony would remove any wires associated with the VR headset. This will give the player more freedom to move around while being immersed in game.

PlayStation fans are awaiting the exact release date for this new console as it will be the best console on the market. There are certain indication about the release date as we mentioned in this article but we will keep you posted about any leaked information regarding the PlayStation 5.

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