PlayStation VR Demo at over 300 Locations starting today

PlayStation VR Demo Locations New York


At the E3 game show, which took place this week, Sony finally made the announcement on when the PlayStation VR would be officially making its retail debut – and it turns out that the exact release date is October 13th 2016. It must be noted that there are over 40 million people all over the globe, who already own a PlayStation 4 and could potentially use this VR headset with their console.


In fact, many of them have apparently been pre-ordering the headset ever since March, but there are also those, who are still debating.

Making thing decision can be hard for those who are still not convinced they should have one, which makes sense because the only way to understand what virtual reality is like is to try it out – And this will be possible right now!


PlayStation VR Testing Demo Banner


A total of 300 locations in Canada and North America, including various Best Buy and Gamestop locations, will have demo stations set up at their venue starting today, June 17th. Those who want to try out the PlayStation VR: better hurry, because these specific stores will have the headset for demo testing only on certain days and for a limited number of hours. You can find a PlayStation VR demo location near you on the official PlayStation Website.


During the demos, people will be able to play games like the arcade tank reinvention “Battlezone” and the space shooter title “EVE: Valkyrie”.



It is obvious, that virtual reality gaming is not as widespread as regular gaming, which means that Sony will have to win their prospective audience over.

Perhaps, that is also why they are busy working with both existing partners and new independent developers to bring new VR experiences to the PlayStation.


This way, along with creating new games exclusively for their VR headset, they will also be able to bring well-known video game franchises for the headset, that gamers are already very familiar with. Some of the already announced titles, that will be compatible with the PlayStation VR include “Batman: Arkham VR” and “Final Fantasy XV”.



It seems that Sony is trying hard to bring the launch of the PlayStation VR, their PS4-exclusive virtual reality headset, to the level of a brand new video game console release. While Sony is striving to meet demands, it is likely that this product will release in limited numbers. Since the virtual reality medium is still in the early stages of development, user uptake cannot really be predicted. Presumably, by the time Sony launches the PlayStation VR, the hype surrounding VR will have grown tremendously.


The great thing about Sony’s upcoming VR headset is that PlayStation 4 owners will not have to be bothered about whether or not their system will be powerful enough to run it. The headset has been designed to be compatible with all PlayStation 4 consoles. Unlike the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, no powerful gaming PC will be required to play the games. Sony claims that by the time 2016 concludes, there will be up to 50 supported games, that PS4 owners will be able to play with the PSVR headset.


PlayStation VR Player


Ultimately, for those who have already invested in a PlayStation 4, having the PlayStation VR headset will take their gaming experiencing to a whole new level. Moreover, instead of having to make upgrades to their PC, the only purchase they will have to make is of the headset itself.

Sony designed and developed their PS4-exclusive virtual reality headset to be more reasonably priced ($399) than those from their competitors.


So, even those who may not end up buying the PlayStation VR, trying it out at a nearby location would definitely be worthwhile.

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