Playstation VR Dirt Rally : Best VR Car Game

Dirt Rally is arguably the best racing car game for Playstation VR. It’s certainly the most realistic one, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. The visuals of Dirt Rally are on par with DriveClub, and perhaps even better, depending on the style you prefer.

The new addition to Dirt Rally is the ability to play in virtual reality mode. Of course, plenty of games can be played through the Cinema Mode on PSVR, but Codemasters made sure that their most popular game was completely modified in order to suit the virtual reality standards. In this article we will take a closer look at the game itself, and the special Playstation VR Dirt Rally edition.

The Graphics

The graphics of Dirt Rally are top notch. They live up to the next-gen standards and really make the game stand out from the competition. From the main menu to the cars and tracks, there are very little faults to be found.

The best thing about the visuals is the weather. Racing on a sunny, dry afternoon in Monaco looks completely different from racing through rainy weather in Germany, or a frozen road in Sweden. The road and surrounding enviroment can look completely different depending on the season, making the replay value much greater, as you could be playing the same track 4 times and each time it feels as if you visited a new place.

Dynamic Weather Influence

However, Codemasters made sure that the weather changes effects don’t stop there. Playing in winter or summer has a direct impact on the driving experience. The snowy, icy road leads to plenty of difficulties, and putting gas to the pedal in such conditions or taking a strong turn will get you spinning in the nearby ditch. Playing in rain is no different, especially if you enjoy the behind the wheel view (which is obviously the most realistic and cool way to play). In pouring rain the front window will get pretty messy, and it’s hard to look straight ahead. When you’re up against time, this can really spike the adrenaline, and sometimes frustration as well.

Behind The Wheel in VR

The cars are created in very detailed fashion as well, especially the exterior. There are plenty of licensed, speedy beasts to pick from, and my favorite Subaru Impreza looks better than ever.

There is one thing where they could’ve made a bigger effort in my opinion, and that is the interior design. This is especially true since most Dirty Rally players prefer to play „behind the wheel“. It looks a bit bland, without many details, and in this sense it falls short of DriveClub.

Also, when you’re in Virtual Reality, you’ll notice that looking back in this view will have you starring at a black void. The developers didn’t create the backseats or any of the back interior for that matter. This is of course, unecessary when you’re running 150 mph on a muddy road, but my OCD nature makes me crave for those extra details.

Difference Between Standard and VR

All of the graphics info I’ve shared is true for both the original and the Playstation VR Dirt Rally edition. Unfortunately, the virtual reality mode is about 20% weaker in this department. This is completely understandable, and you’ll find this to be true for most games that make the transition. It’s hard to have the same stunning visuals on a TV screen and in virtual reality which, first of all, is viewed on a larger „in-your-face“ screen, and secondly, is a completely different device. This doesn’t take away from the gameplay value by any means. In fact, VR is the best thing to happen to Dirt Rally. Or is it vice-versa?


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Dirt Rally flourishes in VR because it’s already focused on realism. It makes sense to step behind the wheel in virtual reality and look ahead through the window, with your co-driver giving you instructions on the turns and road blocks ahead. The immersion is great in VR, and I’ve also noticed that it wasn’t giving me any headaches, as can be the case with some fast-paced games in VR. Others have reported feeling great as well, so I guess the fps rate and the overall transition were done properly.

Gameplay Difficulty

Many players complain that the games is simply too difficult. But if you’ve read anything about it, you should have been prepared for that. Dirt Rally is not for the weak hearted, or those looking for an arcade racing experience.

The game really tries to be as realistic as possible, and I’m sometimes wondering if it’s more realistic than taking a Subaru for a spin in real life. Everything effects the gameplay, from the weather to the small damages on the car. It changes the driving dynamics. The team you set up to take care of the car also plays a role. The co-driver giving you instructions is very important, as well as the team set up for fixing the car. In Career Mode you’re able to fix the car in between races, but at the expense of racing time. It depends on the team holding your back how often you’ll ge to perform those fixes while still remaining in conention for the first prize.


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For those struggling to get a grip on the realistic gameplay, there is also a Tutorial mode with 11 tutorials that really go in details to explain the driving dynamics, and show the best ways to optimize your car for particular challenges.

The Co-Op Mode

What Playstation VR Dirty Rally allows you to do is play with you friend in the same car. Let me explain what I mean by that. One of you drives the car, while the other one is giving the instructions for the situation ahead. The one giving the instruction uses a controller and basically plays a mini game, and if he is fairly successful, you’ll have clear instructions. If not, get prepared for a roller coaster ride. There is also a standard multiplayer mode where you get to drive against each other.

Playstation VR Dirt Rally is the best VR racing game at the moment, especially if you’re up for a challenge, packed in with beautiful visuals. Together with the multiplayer mode, and tons of cars and track to choose from, it’s replay value is enormous. So for those car game fans looking for a special VR treat, Dirt Rally is where it’s at.

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