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The Playstation VR headset has captured all the buzz lately and now add Netflix to it. It was predominantly created for playing VR games, and I’ve already covered some of the best releases, and the most interesting titles coming out soon. However, plenty of fun is located in the “Cinematic Mode”, which contains the Playstation VR Netflix app. Cinematic mode allows the user to play non-VR games in virtual reality mode, but also to watch shows and movies in full immersion. In this article I will share with you the latest information and tips surrounding the Playstation VR Netflix, and how to make the most out of the experience.

The Benefits of Cinematic Mode :

Cinematic Mode is a great additional feature of the VR headset. The user is able to browse the web, and watch movies and shows in 2D. If you like watching movies on the big screen, you’ll love this feature, because it captures that cinematic feeling. Hence the name! You actually get a massive 226 inch virtual screen, which is larger than most TV sets, and the surrounding area is pitch black, allowing for real escapism after a rough day.

It’s also possible to use the headset in any position you like – sitting or lying down on the bed, it really doesn’t matter. The screen follows every head movement you make, so you don’t have to be in one position all the time, which is a plus for enjoyment and longterm health reasons. Too many gamers sit in one position too long and develop the “turtle neck” posture as a result.

How To Use It :

To use the Cinematic Mode and the installed Playstation VR Netflix app all you need to do is plug in your headset, and you’ll be led to the main menu. There you get to choose the screen size you want, with 117, 163 and 226 inches being the size options. The smaller the screen, the sharper and better looking the image will be. I watched a whole season of Daredevil on 226 inches, and then tried to watch it on 163. There was a considerable difference in the visual quality. However, the bigger screen has its perks, and it’s simply a more immersive experience.

Most people forget to mention one very valuable detail when discussing the PSVR headset – you don’t need a television! Since the purpose of the headset is to act like a screen, all you need is a PS4, and you can watch movies and play games anywhere you like. In fact, you don’t even need the PS4. The HDMI cable which connects the headset with PS4 can be connected to many similar devices, such as Xbox, PS3, or a PC. You will still be able to use it in the same fashion, and have excess to content which is available on the device you’re connected to.

Best Movies For Playstation VR Netflix :

There is quite a collection of movies that I’ve watched in the past few few weeks through VR Netflix. It is true that you can watch basically anything you want, but some movies are simply better to watch in VR mode than others. The main factor to take into consideration is the camera work. Virtual reality adds more value to cool martial arts movies that use up close camera view to capture fighting sequences than it does to a slow Victorian style romantic flic. With this criteria in mind, I made up a list of the best VR adjusted movies that you can watch through Playstation VR Netflix.

1. Ninja II: Shadow of A Tear
Ninja II is a movie that provides a light storyline, but is full of epic moments and fights. The story follow an American Ninja, played by Scott Adkins. as he tries to hunt down the top gun of a drug network in Thailand. The plot is average, the scenery is diverse and beatiful. But the reason why I placed this movie as my first choice is because of the fighting sequences which are really excellent. Adkins is trained in a few martial arts and he really did a great job in this movie.
The camera work is also top notch, and a handheld camera was used for all the fights. This allows for a very close look at each move performed by the actors. The editing is also great and it doesn’t break up the fight, allowing for a really realistic experience. A top recommendation for a first movie, especially if you like the martial arts genre.


2. Kung Fury
Kung Fury is one of the weirdest movies I’ve watched EVER. You can assume how I must have felt with the VR headset as I watched the story unravel in front of me. The plot goes something like this: Kung Fury is a detective who has to use time travel in order to kill Hitler. Unfortunately, the device malfunctions and he’s sent all the way back to the Middle Ages. There he is forced to confront Vikings and other enemies of the free world.

Image result for Kung Fury

Once he’s had a chance to form a few friendships and kill enough enemies to satisfy any blood thirsty Vikings appetite, he’s device starts operating properly and he finally gets to destroy Hitler once and for all. Wait what?! My thoughts exactly. But the movie is a truly action-packed load of fun, and the stunning visuals really take a life of their own in VR. Great one to watch alone and with a bunch of friends.

3. Jaws
This Spielberg classic is one of those horrors that left a mark on both movie buffs and pop culture in general. It also made me scarred to swim too far from the shore. In fact it still does! Especially after I watched it in VR. For those of you who never saw Jaws, it’s a story about a large, merciless shark that devours innocent inhabitants and vacationers of the Amity Island.
It’s also a story of a man who stands up to the shark and blows it up. But until he does, you will be squirming in your seat (or bed), left with a nice horror memory to hunt you in your dreams. I was supposed to cheerfully inspire you to watch it, but hey, it’s a horror movie. If you want to be scarred and entertained, this is the right pick!

4. Enter The Void
This movie is shot completely in first person view, and it’s the main reason why so many people consider it the best VR optimized movie to date. The story follows a drug dealer who is shot by the police. He has an out of body experience, and gets to travel all around Tokyo, but also goes on a memory lane, and relives many interesting parts of his life, from childhood up until the moment he gets shot. The out of body experience is depicted beautifully and there is really a lot to be admired when it comes to visual presentation. I highly recommend this movie if you’re looking for a mellow, dream-like movie to watch with your headset.

Although it was first considered as a nice side kick for the VR games, the Cinematic Mode is on pair in both entertainment and practical value. If you want to watch great movies that are designed for virtual reality gear, try out the Playstation VR Netflix option and I’m sure you will have a blast!

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