Playstation VR New Games

The Playstation VR headset is turning into a popular piece of gaming equipment, with the average price of $347 attracting tons of gamers looking for a complete gameplay immersion. The positive reply from costumers has urged Sony to invest milions into developing new VR games that have put Playstation in contention with Valve, Rift and other major companies trying to get a slice of the pie. In this article, we’ll review some of the best Playstation VR new games that have been released, and the most promising titles that will soon hit the market.

Currently Released Playstation VR Games :

1. Rigs: Mechanized Combat League
Guerilla Games has managed to merge two of my favorite things into an epic VR game – sports and high caliber weaponry. The main idea behind Rigs is for two teams of armed mech suits to compete with eachother in order to score a goal, which is located at the center of the map. Sounds a bit silly at first, but the game is so intense that it has made me and my twenty something friends feel like kids all over again. Call me a savage if you will, but there is no better feeling than seeing your enemy an inch close to scoring a goal, only to fall victim to a merciless headshot. Good times!

Another great thing about Rigs is that it can also be played with a traditional controller. In fact, if you’re playing with friends in the co-op mode, one player can use a VR headset, while the others use traditional controllers. However, the headset is advantageous, as it allows for faster reaction time and better twists and turns which are simply hard to achieve with a controller.

2. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Do you find clowns to be more frightening than funny? Until Dawn took advantage of our greatest clown fears and made a carneval-horror FPS that had us shaking in our pantsuits, and wanting more at the same time. This survival horror was released way back in 2015., but now it’s been complemented with a virtual reality mode as well.
Although the main allure of Rush of Blood was supposed to be the horror aspect, it has turned out to be more of a fun arcade shooter, that is also quite addictive. It is literally a roller-coaster ride, as you’re seated in an open train that will take you through a circus filled with demented enemies that want to eat your brains out. There is never a shortage of good targets to shoot at, as the enemies approach from all sides. With the VR headset in place and Dual Shock 4 in hand, it’s easy to turn around and shoot all over the place. There is also plenty of weaponry to choose from, such as the standard shotguns and machine guns, but also special weaponry which can be unlocked through accomplishing challenges.
When it comes to Playstation VR new games, Rush of Blood is one of the most fun and engaging ones currently released. It will have your blood pumping and adrenaline rising, but also leave you impressed with your ability to concentrate at many targets at once – and surviving to tell the tale.

3. Batman Arkham VR
Is there anyone on the planet who never wished to step into the boots of the most popular, badass superhero in town? Batman Arkham VR provides this experience, with full immersion into perfectly crafted surroundings that give of the Batman vibe. This VR game is relatively short, and can easily be finished in 2 hours. It provides an action packed mix of investigating and close-combat with the villains.

Image result for Batman Arkham VR

The story follows the origins of the Dark Knight, and there is also a scene where the parents of young Bruce get shot in the dark alley. Such scenes can be found across the game, and they really add a layer of depth to the overall experience.
The combat is not the best part of the game, and roaming around the place is the more interesting side of the gameplay. You can also use some trademark gadgets such as the Batarangs, scanner and the grapnel gun. These however, don’t allow you to do much, as the interaction with the surroundings is limited. There is however, much to explore, and the game provides a more intimate investigation of the world of Batman. Also, chilling out in the Batcave with Alfred is a cool experience.

4. Driveclub VRSony made sure to include a couple of treats for the racing fans, and Driveclub VR is the best one I’ve tried out so far. The best thing about this racing game is the visuals. The graphics are absolutely amazing, and there are plenty of tracks to choose from, with both urban and rural settings being equally represented. The developers at Evolutions Studio are obviously aware of this fact, so they’ve created the Cruise Mode option, which allows you to automate the driving while you relax in the seat and enjoy the scenery through the VR undisturbed.

But let’s not fool ourselves, the main appeal of Driveclub is the head to head racing. Driveclub has a realistic touch to it, and weather changes really have an impact on the racing experience. The cars also respond in a realistic way, and there is plenty of them to choose from. Although realism is high, it doesn’t take away from the fun, and the game allows for an almost arcade, Need For Speed style of racing, with speed being the vital component to reaching the finish line at the victor.

Great upcoming Games for Plastation VR :

1. Golem, release date: 2017
Golem has a very original spin to it. The story follows a young girl who winds up being injured, but also receiving the power to control golems, collosal creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. The main idea behind Golem is to change the perspective of VR through size. By controlling the Golems, the player can experience just how it feels to be a Gulliver.
The Highwire Games creators promise that the game will have diverse surroundings, spanning from natural enviroment and towns inhabitat by humans, to far away mystical lands and ruins of alien civilizations. As the game progresses, we will be able to control larger and more impressive giants, allowing us to really test the limits of the VR technology.

Image result for Golem VR

2. Tekken 7, release date: 2017
The most popular Playstation fighters are becoming VR friendly! Tekken 7 in virtual reality mode won’t allow us to actually punch eachother in the face, but it will allow us character view. Fighting upclose against Jack 5 or a Lucky Chloe will be loads of fun according to the developers, and I don’t see how anyone can argue with that assessment.

3. Star Trek: Bridge Crew, release date: March 14
The Star Trek franchise is still as popular as ever. The Bridge Crew will allow the loyal fans to operate a starship from the main room. Up to 4 players will be able to operate a vessel at the same time, with each one undertaking a certain function. Want to be a Piccard, a straight shooter, or manage the flying business? Co-op mode will allow you to share the responsibility and the fun of driving through the Star Trek galaxy with friends.
The games that have been outlined in this article are some of the newest ones that’ve made Playstation owners excited for the direction that Sony has taken. Let’s hope that Playstations VR new games from this list prove to be a start of a new and exciting gaming revolution.

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