PlayStation VR Price, Release Date, Games and Reveal Trailers

PlayStation VR Warp

With PlayStation VR, formerly known as Project Morpheus, Sony is launching a virtual reality gaming solution for the PlayStation 4. The planned release date for the VR headset is October 12 2016.


In this article, we will summarize all the important information, that is currently available. First of all, the most important information: Sony revealed the release date to be October 12 2016 for a price of $399 / 399€, which is exactly the same as the price of the PlayStation 4, when it was released.


A relatively low price for a VR headset compared to the competitor Oculus Rift, which is available for $599 and the HTC Vive, which $799.

The package will include the PlayStation VR headset, 3D-audio earphones and required USB and HDMI cables.


The PlayStation camera, which is used for positional tracking and the PlayStation Move controllers will be sold separately, however PlayStation Move controllers will not be required for all games, as most games can also be played with regular DualShock 4 controllers.


You will be able to enjoy your gaming action on a 5.7″ OLED screen on a 1920×1080 resolution featuring a 120Hz refresh rate and a maximum of 18ms latency. When playing games with PlayStation VR, the footage will be displayed on the headset itself and your TV, so your friends will be able to watch you play.


At the moment, there are roughly about 230 publishers and developers currently developing games for the PS VR.

The most anticipated titles include EVE: Valkyrie, Gran Turismo Sport, Final Fantasy XIV, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, The London Heist, Eagle Flight, Star Wars: Battlefront, which will also support PSVR, most likely after a patch and of course the party game Playroom VR including many mini games.


Check out the product announcement video featuring some ingame footage. More information and the possibility to pre order the PlayStation VR can be found at the official PSVR website.

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