PlayStation VR release likely October 12 – Let the games begin

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Sony Interactive Entertainment will release its new PlayStation VR before we know it. And the many teams, that worked so hard at Sony to bring us this awesome VR technology wants their PlayStation VR gaming gear to catapult the gamer into another world starting October this year! A recently leaked internal press release suggests the exact date to be October 12 2016. This is yet to be confirmed by Sony.

Each gaming interaction with the PSVR is designed to immerse the gamer into a realistic as possible space of the new world. PlayStation VR, a wearable head gear (VR goggles) works with the already released PlayStation 4 gaming console.

PlayStation VR Product Image

The VR system comes with a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation VR cables, Stereo Headphones and PlayStation Demo disk.

Additional peripherals are PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, so if you already own these components you won’t have to fork over any extra money for them.

Another perk of pre-ordering the top echelon of the gaming console is that it comes with the new PlayStation VR World game. Sony’s PlayStation VR bundle is scheduled to launch October 12, 2016 but gamers are welcome to pre-order their gear starting March 22, 2016.


VR brings amazing gifts

The new gaming console will cost its owner about 400 to 500 bucks, and the actual cost is based on which bells and whistles you decide to take.

There was a statement released by Sony saying that the core for $400 would not be available for pre-order, but after many words of dismay by its gaming community, Sony has decided to release the core for pre-order along with the Launch bundle.

The VR console will rock gamers world, with all new and highly anticipated games like RIGS Mechanized Combat League, PlayStation VR Worlds, Golem, and an updated Star Wars Battlefront.

PlayStation VR Player

According to Sony these are only a few of the games that are set to immerse the player into a world of a completely new reality.

The advanced VR goggle rig will give you the feel of being there. The headset was designed by Sony according to their own words “to feel like it’s not even there”, and fans of the popular PlayStation gaming console will be extremely pleased.

The virtual reality headset is said to be easily connected to the PS4 and will have its user up and running in the virtual world in a matter of minutes.


VR made with the gamer in mind

Sony’s devices, the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, the PSVR headset and the Move motion controller are all followed by the PlayStation Camera. These seamlessly threading components will offer the gamer a natural range of motion and movement in the virtual world.

Also the 3D audio features embedded in the PlayStation VR are an interesting addition. The surround sound experience will give the game the full range of sound from above, below and all around.

When the player turns their head they will seamlessly have a single source of awesome sound and it will feel like a real world sound experience.

Sony states that no other gaming console will offer the VR experience that is possible with the PlayStation VR.

Sony PlayStation VR

It offers through the headset, the ability to fully view your surroundings as though your body was in the virtual screen. So when the gamer looks down she will see her hands and legs just like in real life.

Sony says that they have perfected the ability to track the gamers head movement so the gamer will not feel any disorientation or nausea that may have been found with other VR goggles. So when the gamer turns his head in any directions the game does a real-time transition so the gamer just has to play on.

The VR is not exclusively for one active gamer: the television connected to the PS4 and the VR goggles display two separate images.

One image plays on the television for the viewers and the other plays in the VR goggle for the gamer.

While you are owning the VR game world, your friends can also witness the truly awesomeness of your gaming journey.

Two great games already revealed, how they will fully take advantage of the multiple player game experience. Those are Monster Escape, which is a five player gaming experience and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. These games place one player in the virtual world, while the other player views the television to play with the DUALSHOCK 4.


PlayStations VR has the gaming community in an uproar and we just cannot wait to play!

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