PlayStation VR Troubleshooting

PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera

This is a PlayStation VR Troubleshooting guide for those of you having any of the common issues with the headset. I will try to cover all of the major problems whether it is tracking problems, light calibration problems, camera problems, and picture quality problems.


PSVR light calibration problems

The main issue here is when the the game is not picking up the controller the correct way. This will cause the shooting to be inaccurate and in-game movement will not be straight. If this is the case first thing you need to do is to make sure the PC camera is picking up all the lights. Head to the PS Home and then choose settings, devices, adjust tracking lights. The trick here is to make sure all the lights and controllers are in the indicated areas. Second thing is to check if the PS camera can see all the controllers. You need to Hold the PS button and select PlayStation VR and then confirm your position. Now do a quick test and move around and wave your hands to confirm the camera is seeing the controllers.

Third thing a lot of people miss is to make sure the controller is paired with the same user account as the headset. The also make sure the lights on the controllers are clean. Final tip only if everything else fails you can reset the controller using the pin on the back of the controller to calibrate and re-pair.

PSVR Tracking Problems

This is also one of the common issues facing a lot of users and worth a troubleshooting help. Its easy to figure out if this is the problem if the image,world, and hands are moving without your input.  The first thing to check are the cables as sometimes they become loose. Also the lights on the headset should all be on in the front and on the back. The second thing to do is check if there isn’t more light in the room confusing the camera such as the sun, mirrors, other TV screens or lamps around. Too much light could be the issue but too little light might also be an issue. Make sure the room is not completely dark. You can do a quick check in the PlayStation menu to check if there are lights interfering with the camera. got menu, settings, devices and PlayStation camera. Then click on Adjust PlayStation camera.


PSVR Camera Problems

Camera problems are less common if everything is plugged correctly but its always better to double check if you have issues with your PlayStation VR headset. First clean the lenses of any dust. Second make sure your distance is 2 meters between you and the camera. Third sometimes after setup the camera moves by mistake and the calibration is off. Make sure it does not move.

PSVR Picture Quality Problems

Picture quality can be an issue sometimes and I recommend you adjust each game by itself. These are small issues but can affect the quality of the game play so its better to solve them. If the screen is not centred while playing just hold down the options button and the screen will recenter. Again always clean the lenses of your headset but make sure not to use liquids. Sometimes the image goes out of focus and you need to go to quick menu, adjust PlayStation VR, and lick adjust headset position.  A quick test to check if the Vr connection cable is at fault is to plug the headset directly to the VR processor unit. If Picture Quality becomes better then you might need to change the cable. Finally always check if your playstation camera is set up correctly by going to settings, devices, PlayStation VR, adjust PlayStation camera.


This ends the Playstation VR Troubleshooting guide. I hope this helps solve your problems and if it does please do share with your friends on social media as I get lots of emails about issues from many VR users. The good thing is that most of these issues have an easy solution.



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