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PlayStationVR Worth It?

It was great news to the gamers worldwide when Sony announced to be launching the PlayStation VR October 12th 2016.

My particular concern was: will I be able to enjoy games like Grand Theft Auto with the Virtual Reality experience on my PS4? Is it going to be worth it? It will be safe to assume that this concern is shared by a majority of gamers.

Just before I could really figure out our reaction, I learned that the PlayStation Move controllers will be sold separate from the Package. Honestly, I am that guy that is always on budget or to be fair, mostly on budget. Are my concerns justified?


PlayStation VR Move Player


Sony will sell the PlayStation VR for 399$ in a package containing; the headset, a black box, required HDMI and USB cables and 3D-audio earphones.


A black box, isn’t that great? However, PlayStation Move controllers and a PlayStation Camera, which is required for position tracking are not included in the package. To acquire them, you must dig deeper into your pockets. For most gamers, this should not be a problem, as the PlayStation Camera can be purchased for less than $80. And to those of us that are not able to dig any further, don’t panic: Unlike the PlayStation Camera, the Move controllers are not essential for all VR experiences and can be acquired at a later date.

On another note, I later was told, that the black box, which is included in the package is responsible for 3D audio processing.

PlayStation VR Black Box

On your PS4, you can actually make use of a DualShock 4 controller to enjoy your PlayStation Virtual Reality experience. Yes, that is the million-dollar trick. On the other hand, a selection of experiences and games will still require two PlayStation Move controllers. They roughly cost $65 combined, which might sound expensive at first, but that will most likely be compensated by the kind of satisfaction they bring you.

But the price might increase after the actual launch of the PlayStation VR, as many gamers are going to need them, something about demand and supply theory here, what do I know? However, compared with the competiton, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, the PlayStation VR is still by far the cheapest deal.


The PS4 and PlayStation VR like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which have set the bar quite high, should be able to flawlessly produce two images simultaneously during a video gaming experience. One on the PlayStation VR itself and one on your TV for others to watch. However, unlike the other gadgets, that require extensive graphic cards to deliver, Sony is determined to achieve the same user experience just using a black box for the PSVR and the PS4 itself.




Talking about user experience – It is unfortunate, that this gadget is not wireless. You will be required to keep it tethered in order to have a Virtual Reality experience.

These headsets have been altered severally since their initial GCD 2014 presentation and gamers expect an exceptional product when it finally launches this October – And it looks like Sony will deliver. Therefore, it might be wise get yourself familiar with the PS4 by grabbing one before October, if you don’t already have one, while you anticipate the PlayStation VR.


The expert verdict on this product would be, inspiring. The fact that Sony is determined to match, if not better, the likes of HTC Vive, with far smaller pricing, is clearly fascinating. This has been the talk among gamers worldwide and clearly the anticipation is amazing

PlayStation VR experiences will be even more amazing when using the two Move controllers. However, don’t shy away from purchasing the PSVR before acquiring these controllers; you can still use your DualShock 4 for the time being.


I for one already pre-ordered mine, how about you?

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