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Sony has always had a knack for car games. Since the first Playstation console arrived on the shelfs in 1995, to the present day visual galore of PS4, we’ve been bombarded by racing giants such as Gran Turismo and Need For Speed series, Dirt, Driveclub, The Crew and many others.
The PS4 car games have exceeded the expactations of many by bringing next-gen visuals, gameplay improvements and realism. In this article, we’ll explore the top 4 PS4 car games that are already available and a couple more that will be out soon.

Car Games Already Out :

1. Dirt Rally

Speaking about realism, Dirt Rally is the hardest racing game I’ve come across. If you’re looking for a Need For Speed style bumping on the corners and smashing into cars – this game is the antithesis of that experience.

Dirt Rally is a racing game that requires knowledge about cars, and tons of practice. You also have a team that tweaks your car in the precedings and a team member that gives you as a driver further information on the conditions of the road ahead. It’s the general rally racing stuff, but the quality of your team members really makes a difference, so when you get enough credits, you can upgrade your team and add new members.

The car setup is really extensive as well. You get a chance to really tweak your car, from the tires, the engine and suspensions, to the outside visual aspects. Dirt Rally also places a large emphasis on rain, fog, snow and other natural occurences that can spell disaster to a noobie driver. The graphics are better than those of Dirt 3, and are up to the standard you would expect out of a PS4 game.

Playing Dirt Rally is a real treat if you’re a veteran of the racing genre, and want to have complete control over the driving mechanics. For those looking for arcade racing, there are plenty of other great titles on this list that will suit you better.

2. Trackmania Turbo

If you fall in the other category, and simply want to have loads of fun, Trackmania Turbo is the game you’re after. This arcade racer is all about speed, crazy stunts and pushing your opponents over the ditch.

There is however some difficulty with the gameplay, as many of the tracks are designed in a way to make doing all of this difficult. So don’t be surprised if you have to restart and do it all over again a couple of times until you learn the specifics of the track you’re racing on.

The best part of Trackmania are the multiplayer modes. There can be over 100 players competing on the same track! There is also a local multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 players to play with split screen. Probably the weirdest mode is the one that allows 2 players to control the same vehicle. I guess you’ll know who your soulmate is if you pull that one off.

Trackmania allows a lot of customization as well. There is a massive number of turbo cars to choose from, and there is a Track Builder option that allows you to build your own tracks. There is over 100 tracks already available in the standard mode alone, and plenty of custom ones created by other players through this option. So the options on that front really are limitless.

Trackmania is a great game if you’re looking for a fun racer full of speed and crazy stunts, and don’t want to worry about realism too much. The visuals are also decent, and the arcade backgroud music provides a nice atmosphere to the gamplay as well.

3. DriveClub VR
DriveClub is arguably the best looking game on the list. The visuals are simply stunning, and the weather changes really add a whole different look to the same racing tracks previously visited. Although DriveClub has an okay singleplayer mode, where it really shines is the online multiplayer. The leaderboards and the community in general are constantly improving, and there is always plenty of competiton to take a spin against.

Image result for driveclub ps4
DriveClub VR is an adjustment to this original game. Although everything else has remained the same, the graphics are simply not up to the par with the standard version. Regardless of that, VR adds a new level of immersion to the driving experience, especially since you’re able to take the behind the wheel view.
The gameplay is a cross between Dirt realism and the arcade style that is prevalent in Grant Turismo. This is a great game for anyone, especially those car fans who want a little bit of both from the racing experience.

Car Games to be released :

1. Gran Turismo 7

Release date: TBA
The Gran Turismo series will provide us with a new racing spectacle, certainly within 2017. The Japanese studio Polyphone Digital is promising that the new release will carry on the traditional gameplay with some improvements, such as a bigger focus on the enviromental factors, and characteristics of the car, including suspension settings, aerodynamics, mass etc. They’ve also promised a lot of new cars, both licensed and customs. A nice addition will be the a new multiplayer mode that will provide player achievements and ranks, adding a new layer of competitivness to the Gran Turismo online community.

2. Flat Out 4 (Total Insanity)

Release date: 31 March 2017
Flat Out 4 is coming soon, and with it we should expect a brutal gameplay that has been prevalent in its predecessors. The main gameplay aspect seperating Flat Out 4 from other PS4 car games is the combat.


Image result for flat out ps4

The main objective of the game is to win the race, but in order to do that both speed and and toughness are required. Smashing into cars is the general tactic and running cars into the ditch is a champion technique worth implementing.
The new release will also provide us with ability to engage with the enviroment more directly, and many objects will be vulnerable and open to destruction. All we can say so far is that Flat Out 4 promises to be a good way to vent out built in anger in a safe and entertaining way.


3. Micro Machines: World Series


Release date: 21 April 2017
I’ve left a cute little game for the end. Micro Machines is a game that puts the player in control of remote controlled vehicles. There will be 12 of them to choose from, and they will vary in the looks and performance department, with exotic racing cars, mini vans and trucks all going against each other. The cars will also be equipped with various weapons such as rocket launchers, machine guns, and flamethrowers.
Micro Machines promises to be an action packed arcade game with relaxing visuals similar to those of “Cars”, and locations such as kitchen tables, living rooms and more. A creative and fun experience surely awaits us.

As always, Playstation proves to be a top racing game console. The PS4 car games that I’ve outlined in this article are quite diverse, and will surely satisfy both gamers who are looking for simple arcade gameplay, and others who wish to master the racing dynamics with improved graphics and extensive multiplayer options.

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