PS4 Youtube App now supports PlayStation VR

Youtube on PlayStation VR

The official YouTube App for the PlayStation 4 just received an update – and guess what? You can now enjoy all 360° VR videos available on YouTube with your PSVR!

When checking the release notes for the new version 1.09, it simply says: “Adds PlayStation VR support”.


To find 360° videos, simply use type the search term “#360Video” into the search bar and pick any of the displayed videos. While the image quality may not be as great as when you’re playing PSVR gaming as 360° videos are much larger in file size than normal 1080p videos, it is still a notable experience. And the collection of VR videos on YouTube is probably the largest on the entire web, so you should be able to find something you can relate to.


While many users confirmed to get a working 3D VR video, it looks like the effects can be a little off sometimes. Maybe a future update will provide a more optimized 3D video experience on the PlayStation VR. Regular 360° videos work just fine. Thanks to Google for recognizing we PSVR owners want VR YouTube, too!


If you did not receive the update yet, try hitting the “check for update” option from the apps context menu. When that doesn’t do the trick, you have to wait until your region receives the update.

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