Resident Evil 7 Endings

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Resident Evil 7 has two game endings and each with much different consequences. This is a nice edition to the game to choose the fate of the characters in the game. Ultimately this leaves the decision in the players hand rather than have a scripted boring ending to the game. Spoiler Alert.


First Ending :

The first ending in Resident Evil 7 seems to be the most obvious and logical to most players. Most players I have talked to have chosen this ending to save Mia, his wife. If you choose to use the serum to save Mia then she will survive and you will get a happy ending. She will will be lift up with a helicopter and be saved. On the other hand Zoe’s fate is unclear to the player thus it is open-ended and up to the player to decided what might have happened.

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Second Ending :

The second ending in the game seems to be a stupid decision honestly which is saving Zoe. If you choose to save Zoe she will die moments later being killed by Eveline. Furthermore Ethan will be forced to kill Mia by a crowbar a little later when she becomes crazy. This ending feels like a lose-lose situation. I’m not sure why someone would choose to save Zoe and the developers seem to punish the player by choosing the stupid ending.


Story Revelations :

Resident Evil 7 ending also reveals many secrets and mysteries that are revealed in the end too. The first and most important one is about Mia being being a secret agent caretaker of the E-series bio-weapon. It all starts when something goes wrong with Eveline as she gets free and destroys the tanker next to the baker house. They find her and in turn she infects them. This ultimately makes them kidnap people and turn them into Mold Monsters. Ethan comes looking for Mia three years later and finds the house that the e-series bio-weapon.
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In the end it turns out that Evie was the catatonic grandma. The player does not know how a little girl that crashed a tanker would so quickly become old. Interestingly at the end credits if you pause the game you will get instructions how to manage the e-series and without special injections the subject would age at 25 the normal speed.

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