Resident Evil 8 : Wishlist, Rumours, Improved VR.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has been a massive success, shipping 2.5 million copies and receiving overall positive reviews from critics and gamers. However, with all the questions raised concerning the game’s campaign and ending what will happen in the game’s sequel?

Resident Evil 8 needs to be a real reboot. It needs to wipe the slate clean, and rid itself of all the excess crap this franchise has accumulated over its many clumsy attempts at attracting new players. We need a stripped down survival horror experience that’s tightly paced, polished and free to focus on the little details that make good games great, rather than waste its limited imagination by spreading it too thinly over too much bland content.

Here is the wish list and the rumors for Resident Evil 8.

Wish list :

Perspective :

It would be cool if they made it both 3rd and 1st person view. Example, if you could change perspective in a menu setting or something. Might mean they’d have to dump the old scheme for 3rd person entirely, however. Because doing two different control schemes would probably cost too much to be worth it. Think 3D control scheme in Silent Hill 2. It’d work in 3rd and 1st.

Setting :


Seeing how magnificently RE7 was received from fans and critics alike, “RE8”, will likely follow in RE7’s footsteps, keeping the scary tone, which is great. But that raises the question; if the setting and set up of RE7, that being a creepy house with insane rednecks, basically made the games frightening atmosphere, where will RE8 take it? Most fans wouldn’t like to see Capcom take the game to the streets and would instead like the isolated and claustrophobia of an intimate location. For instance it would be set in an abandoned amusement park which houses an underground Neo-Umbrella test facility.

Tense, unnerving atmosphere :

Capcom should have this game set at night like 95% of the time we’re playing it. They should give fans some sound cues or even scary music when there ‘s something big about to happen. Have fans hear moans, shuffling footsteps, roars, loud crashes, chains dragging, monsters pounding on the walls, survivors yelling for their lives, etc. We NEVER want feel secure in this game. Ever.


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Of course horror comes in many forms. No matter the story in RE8, use Stephen King’s method: first terrify, then horrify, then gross us out if all else fails. We’ll respect the effort. And mix it up. Thrills are shameless, yes, but when done properly they could be pretty clever. And then there’s paranoia type horror too. We would love to be in a situation in which there’s a group of people that seem normal, but one of them might be infected (not necessarily with the T-Virus).

Main characters :

Most fans are of the opinion that Jessica Sherawat should be the main character for Resident Evil 8. She was a hero/villain who survived the events of Revelations 1 and 2, and they feel she deserves her time to shine. Jessica was alright and one of the few characters in that game that had a personality. It would be ok with her being a lead, but it could be hard to write her as a lead since she is technically a villain.


More variety in enemies :

Now most fans liked the Molded; thought they were a great step-up from the classic zombies, but there should’ve been more to them. We have no problem with every enemy type being a Molded variant at all, there just should be more types. More specifically, animal types. Giant Molded spiders, dogs, some crows and snakes. They really messed up by not having a Molded gator. It’s swamplands Louisiana after all.


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More bonus content :

It would’ve been nice to get some more content besides the main campaign. It really does feel strange having a mainline Resident Evil without a Mercenaries mode. Though the DLC are going to be adding extra modes and all, and many people for sure will be buying them, but come on. There probably should be more modes at the time of release.

Title screen narration voice :

It felt strange not having this in RE7 too. There are some people who think it wouldn’t have fit the tone of the game, but it should not have to be the loud and deep voice we know. It could’ve been a silent, creepier whisper version. It just would have been nice to hear at least someone say Resident Evil at the beginning, you know?


Zombies :

Fans would just like zombies. Molded are cool and all, as too the Bakers. But they don’t want Bakers 2.0 next time. Capcom should bring back crimson heads, or some variant of them.

It needs to be contained and claustrophobic.


Rumours :

Resident Evil 8 Characters/ Protagonist.

RE7 relies on the solitary narrative of Ethan, a man on his own who gets stuck inside a nightmarish mansion with interesting inhabitants. Capcom has made it clear that the game will not have a multiplayer mode to ensure the best horrific player experience that we can imagine. Of course, then, RE7 has only one protagonist to suit this flavor, but what if the creators gave this a little spin in Resident Evil 8? We love the idea of a solitary narrative, but at the same time, Capcom could introduce several new characters in Resident Evil 8, each with their own story. In that case, we would be able to immerse ourselves in several stories, but separately, instead of clattering and destroying the all-important horror aspect with more than one character at the same time.

Here are the rumoured characters

· Jill Valentine-Member of STARS.

· Chris Redfield-Member of STARS.

· Claire Redfield-STARS agent.

· Sheva Alomar-STARS agent.

· Jessica Sherawat-Indian American agent for Ultra Umbrella.

· Lamar Cravitz-Scientist for Ultra Umbrella.

· Alex Wesker-Head of Ultra Umbrella who plans to unleash Bioweapons on Iran and frame President Arthur Clinton (Based on Mitt Romney)for it to get revenge on America for putting Albert Wesker on trial.

· Nicholai Ginovaef-A Member of Ultra Umbrella.


PlayStation VR :

VR support should continue to be supported. There are many people that also enjoy virtual reality in them. If Capcom were to have two studios, one that continuously works on 3rd person more traditional Resident Evil games and the another that continues to work on first person VR supported sequels they would take this game to another level.

With RE7, there were many complains about the VR having frame rate problems and getting frame stutter at certain scenes. With RE8, Capcom have confirmed that title is still in development and will be optimised across all aspects, including for VR. The development team’s priority with VR is ensuring that players’ comfort and ability to enjoy the game to its full potential is realised.


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