Resident Evil VR : The Most Scary VR Game

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If you are one of many horror fans then Resident  Evil VR will surely give you a good scare. The resident evil franchise does not need an introduction. This horror game series has been going on for years with ups and downs. Now things have changed as the game has made a different approach with VR and first person view. This puts you in the action in a level not reached before in any horro game. Not only did many players freak out at some point but also video game veterans have experienced the thrill and intensity never felt before.

The game has been released recently on the PlayStation VR. I personally went and got my own copy to try the game and was hesitant about the experience. I have watched many gameplay videos online on YouTube and to be honest it looked wary and gloomy a little but nothing too scary like I have read on reviews. I had a different opinion as soon as the game started with my headset on though. You suddenly feel the presence of being in this dark, intense atmosphere thinking in the back of your head that something will jump in front of you any moment. The constant paranoia, thinking and being on your toes makes the scare much more intense. I have to say no other game on the market got to me like Resident Evil VR has.


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The graphics are also pretty good for a first generation Virtual Reality game. It does feel a little pix-elated at the start since the VR headset and the PlayStation have its limitations. Although after a while your eyes adapts and the picture does look better. It almost feels like a classic older horror movie.

The dizziness in the game is felt a little. Since the game is a first person game where you can walk and look around at the same time you will get some moments of vertigo. The trick here is to not move too much while looking around. Try to move only looking forward and after you stop start looking around. This technique did make a difference in the dizziness degree. Although when the action starts and you got zombies coming towards you all this technique is forgotten and all hell breaks loose. Sometimes you get a scare and close your eyes for a second thinking it will go away but you can still here things moving around. Also being a veteran gamer myself its a matter of pride and ego to never remove the headset whatever the circumstances in the game. Face your fears,  period.


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I believe Resident Evil VR has set a new benchmark in Horror video games and overall for Virtual Reality games. It is still early in this VR niche and many developers are learning through the process. The future of gaming will surely change and fast in the next couple of years.

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