RIGS Guide: Basics – Getting started

Rigs Basics

Do you like basketball? What about football? Now, imagine giant robots played both these sports with large weapons and various abilities that let them become real killing machines. Does that sound even better?

Well, you will actually be able to find it out by yourself with Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, an exclusive PSVR launch title. Deemed as the first competitive PSVR game, it will also be the first chance for the PlayStation Virtual Reality platform to make its entrance on the eSports scene. Aiming in RIGS is done with the VR headset.

If you still aren’t sure about buying the game, you can always try the demo that comes with the purchase of a PSVR. Until then, we would love to get you started and give you an advantage over the competition by explaining all the basic features of this game in this guide.

If you already know the basics, you can directly jump ahead to our RIGS advanced strategy guides that will either teach you various tips and playstyles to improve your skills in Rigs, or provide you with different team strategies to dominate online.

Basics of Singleplayer

RIGS will offer a single-player campaign, where you will be able to recruit two AI allies to compose your team. The more matches you win, and the performance you give will reward you with fame, a currency used to unlock smarter AI pilots. However, the better the pilots, the higher percentage of your rewards they will take as payment.

Other than the campaign, trials where you will have to prove your skills will be available. Completing them will reward you with credits that you can use to unlock other Rigs. Each map will have ten different unique trials, for a total of forty.

Basics of Multiplayer

The real core of RIGS is its multiplayer. It currently offers two variations for teams. An exhibition mode, that can be played 1v1 with two bots joining each team and a competitive mode, played 3v3. While the 1v1 is more for fun, the 3v3 forms a bigger challenge, as you will need to use tactics and communication if you want to stand a chance to be at the top of the rankings.

Every time you finish a match, you will receive currency rewards that you can use to buy new Rigs. In other words, whether you play in single or multiplayer you will be able to slowly grow your collection and have more and more Rigs at your disposition to play in the three different Sports Types.

RIGS - Modes
RIGS - Modes

Gamemodes in RIGS

Three sports types will be playable at launch.

  • Powerslam
    • Get into overdrive by killing three of your opponents, or by collecting 6 power-spheres, and jump through the hoop at the center of the map to score points.
  • Endzone
    • Try to carry the holographic ball to the Endzone of the other team. Much like football, you can pass, steal and run with the ball to score.
  • Team Takedown
    • A team Deathmatch mode. Simply smash your opponents to dust and collect points based on the number of kills made.

While the last sports type is already well-known, the other two bring an interesting twist to a shooter. Since some weapons will focus on dealing damage, and others will focus more on pushing back opponents, the fact that you have to position yourself to either enter a hoop or an Endzone becomes much harder than it seems.

A valid tactic would be for one or two players to simply defend the hoop, and push away anyone trying to jump through it.

These game modes will be playable on four maps at launch.

Maps in RIGS

Each arena is associated with a city. The different arenas, situated all around the world, will let you enjoy many atmospheres while you have fun destroying other robots.

The four maps available at launch will be:

  • Rio
  • Nevada
  • Macao
  • Dubai

While the number might seem small at first, each map layout will be different depending on the gamemode you play. Since there are three different sports, a total of 12 layouts will be available at launch.

Getting to know the Playable Rigs

Strategies will be a fundamental part of the game, and it starts with the Rig you choose to bring into battle.

A total of 24 different Rigs will be available. The Rigs are organized based on two characteristics: the ability they use and their class.

There are four different classes, and each class has a Rig for one of the six abilities available. Hence, if you like a particular ability, you will have four different class of Rigs to play with, which will have different stats and weapon loadouts.

Weapons in RIGS

Apart from the normal weapons, you would find on a giant robot, like warheads, heavy machineguns, smart missile, etc., Rigs also have what is called an impulse weapon.

Impulse weapons can be used to push off opponents, which is incredibly useful in the gamemodes Endzone and Powerslam.

Each Rig has its own set of weapons that cannot be customized. Hence, you also need to take them into consideration when developing a strategy. However, every weapon can technically get the job done, and the two main strategical choices are the ability and the class of the Rig.

RIGS - Abilities
RIGS - Abilities

Abilities in RIGS

The abilities are all passive, meaning that you do not need to activate them to use their benefits, and greatly change the style of play.

  • Vampire
    • Go back to full health after taking down an opponent.
  • Carapace
    • Protects in your back from all attacks, except melee.
  • Nuke
    • Once you get ejected from your Rig, it transforms into a bomb that deals damage to both opponents and teammates in a small radius.
  • Engineer
    • Nearby enemies have their radar scrambled, and nearby teammates are healed.
  • Thief
    • You can pick up power spheres and the ball in the Endzone mode simply by shooting at them from a distance. Also, you are hidden from radars while in Turbo mode.
  • Knockout
    • Your melee attacks disable your opponents power mode and overdrive so they can’t score.

Straight from the get-go, it is clear that some abilities favor more a defensive style, whereas others are clearly offensive.

The choice of your ability will thus determine how you want to play that game.

Classes in RIGS

Each ability, however, can be played in four different ways depending on the class you choose.

  • Sentinel
    • Has the biggest armor and is the second-slowest class of Rig. Sentinels have the highest melee damage and their jumping ability lets it charge to gain extra height, to finally cause a slam effect that damages and disorientates opponents when landing from the top height.
  • Mirage
    • Having the second biggest armor and being the second best in speed, the Mirage is an all-rounder. Mirages can also double jump, giving it extra vertical mobility to take advantage of the enemy team.
  • Tempest
    • Has the smallest armor and is also the slowest Rig. It's jumping ability is, however, enormously strong. Tempests can boost up into the air and stay there by hovering. Hence, it is incredibly powerful to dominate air combat and scout the enemy team.
  • Hunter
    • Has the second smallest armor but is the fastest Rig. While its jump is simply an average jump, its top speed allows the Hunter to go higher in the air when using a ramp.

Classes are crucial in determining which area, ground or air, you will play in and how you will play in general.

While a Thief Tempest will try to steal power spheres and the holographic ball from the air, a Thief Hunter will try to do the same thing from the ground. Hence, to have the best strategy, the synergies between abilities and classes need to be studied.

RIGS - Classes
RIGS - Classes

Our RIGS: Advanced Strategy Guide provides more in-depth information on how to efficiently use the different combinations.

Apart from these passive abilities and stats, you will also be able to change the various ways in which your Rig is played by switching the modes of your Rig.

Rig Modes

During a game, you can switch between three different modes, that you can use to boost a particular aspect of your Rig:

  • Impact
    • Boosts the damage of your Rig.
  • Repair
    • Allows you to heal your Rig.
  • Turbo
    • Boosts the speed of your Rig.

While those might look like basic features, they are important to master if you want to go anywhere. Switching between Repair and Impact, while you fight enemies or using Turbo at the right time are examples of the skills you will need to develop.


As for the basic guide, it is over! You are now aware of most of the features that will be available at launch, and we hope that this sneak-peek taught you a few useful things for your Rigs career.

If you want to get a step ahead of everyone, you can read our advanced strategy guides, which will teach you not only how to improve your individual skills by finding the best ability & class combitations of RIGS, but also give you a round-up of the best team combinations of RIGS multiplayer.

We sincerely hope you will try at least the demo of this game, as it is a real chance for the PSVR to build its own eSport scene.

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