RIGS Guide: Best ability / class combinations and playstyles

RIGS: Best Abilities, Classes and Playstyles

If you want to be the best at RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, you are on the right page. This guide will offer reliable advice to improve your individual skills in the first-ever competitive game for the PSVR. This guide will first present general tips on when to use specific modes, and then 5 different playstyles will be analyzed to help you choose your own and improve your understanding of the game.


The small team size in RIGS makes individual skill much more significant. A good player can change the tide of a game all by herself or himself. To become good, you should first learn the basic controls, the different map layouts and other essential features. Afterwards, you should look into optimizing the use of your modes for your Rigs and finding your playstyle.


If you need tips on good team combinations, check out our other advanced guide on team combinations in RIGS. You can also read our RIGS: basic features tutorial to get to know the essentials of the game.


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR


Advice on Modes

Impact mode

Since the Impact mode only increases damage, its use is quite straightforward. The real question will be when to use it in fights instead of the Turbo or the Repair mode.


While every ability should switch between the various modes depending on the situation, there will always be a default one, that synergizes better with that specific ability than the other modes. And Impact mode is the perfect default mode for:

  • Vampire: The more damage you deal, the more likely you are to get healed with your ability.
  • Nuke: The Nuke can completely destroy an enemy team. Jump in the heat of combat, deal as much damage as possible with the Impact mode and explode in the middle of your enemies after your death.


Repair Mode

The obvious way to use the Repair mode is to take cover and wait for the healing to help you. However, it can also be incredibly strong in some fighting situations. In general, Repair will greatly help with controlling a particular area, as we explain below with our in-game situations.

This mode synergizes well with two abilities:

  • Carapace: The extra protection it gives you can act as a cover. Simply turn your back to the enemy while Repair is active, ensuring that you are getting healed and can recharge your ammo without worries.
  • Engineer: If you are playing as the Engineer, both Repair and Turbo modes will be incredibly useful. Stay close to your teammates with Turbo, and ensure your survivability with Repair. The longer you stay alive, the long will your teammates stay alive too. Furthermore, in a team with an engineer, even Rigs that would normally not use Repair a lot should consider using it to have the double healing.


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR


Turbo mode

Turbo mode will be crucial in Powerslam and Endzone. Speed is arguably more important than damage in those sports types, as scoring will require you to speed through the enemy’s defenses. It can however also be used in Team Deathmatch, and it is a strong choice when fighting if you have a fast Rig.

Moving from cover to cover, or always staying in the opponent’s blind spot will be much more effective than using the Impact mode for more damage.


The Hunter, who has the highest ground speed, could thus benefit greatly from the Turbo boost to destroy opponents. The Tempest could also use the extra speed, as moving faster while hovering in the air can be quite powerful to avoid the focus of the enemies.

Turbo synergizes particularly well with two abilities:

  • Thief: Stealing the ball from a distance, or taking power spheres by shooting at them becomes much stronger when you can move faster. If the enemy starts shooting at you after you took the ball, you’ll have to make a quick escape. On the other hand, the faster you are, the more power spheres you can collect.
  • Knockout: If you have the knockout ability, you’re going to want to get up-close and melee the enemy as much as possible. If your Rig is already fast, Impact might arguably be better. If that is not the case, Turbo will be necessary for you to accomplish your primary purpose.


In general, a player should know when to use any modes and should switch freely between the three of them during a match. However, during the heat of the action, it is sometimes hard to think about and having a default mode can prove greatly useful.


Those suggestions and the ways in which you could use these modes are there to help you make split-decisions. But, a good example is worth more than just theory, so we have compiled an analysis of 5 playstyles.


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR


5 RIGS Tactics you need to try

1) Defending points


Recommended Class: Sentinel, (Mirage).

Recommended Ability: Engineer, Carapace, Knockout, Nuke.


When defending a point, like the Hoop or the Endzone, your best friend will be the Repair mode. Many covers will be at your disposition, so you should move between them while using suppressive fire to scare the enemies. You will most likely take a lot of damage but there will also be a lot of moment where nothing happens and you are simply waiting behind a cover.

Having Repair on by default will help you recover more health than you could imagine, and ensure that taking the point becomes harder and harder for the enemy.


We do not recommend switching to Impact while shooting the enemies, as your main goal will be to control the area, not kill other Rigs.

However, Turbo and Impact should also be used. The enemy will most likely push and try to remove you from that point, hence, you should use Turbo to quickly retreat behind further covers. If you are trapped and have nowhere to escape, switch to Impact mode and deal as much damage as possible while hoping that the surprise attack scares your enemy away.


The recommended class is quite obvious. The Sentinel has the most armor, its jumping ability can daze enemies in the landing area, and its melee attack deals a massive amount of damage if the enemy gets too close. The Mirage can also be used to defend a point if no Sentinel is available as it has the second best armor.

The Hunter and the Tempest are either too fragile or too slow to truly be effective in this position. However, if two Rigs defend the same point, a support Tempest can be incredibly strong when coupled with a Sentinel.


As for the recommended abilities, Engineer will be useful when two people defend the same point, as the healing of that ability coupled with the Repair mode give an enormous amount of survivability.

Nuke will create an extra few seconds of defense, as the enemy will have to back off or die, that can change the tide of a game. This is especially true in Endzone.

Knockout is incredibly strong in Powerslam, as you can remove the overdrive of an enemy with your melee attack, making it the ultimate defense ability in that mode.

Carapace is good in any mode, as it will create an extra cover for you that will be useful when the map is very open.


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR


2) Attacking points


Recommended Classes: Any.

Recommended Abilities: Nuke, Vampire.


If you are trying to take control of an area dominated by the enemy, your tactic will depend on your Rig and on your ability.


A strong way to remove any enemy from a specific point is to take a Rig using Nuke, switch to Impact, and deal as much damage as possible while dying and exploding in the middle of the enemies.

Your main objective will be to get close, so Turbo might be more useful than Impact for certain classes. A hunter or a Tempest will most likely need the extra speed to flank the enemy. The Repair mode can also prove useful for the Sentinel, as the extra survivability might bring a bigger advantage than a speed boost for this class.


If you do not like to die, the Vampire ability is made for you. This time, instead of trying to get up close, you will need to focus on flanking the enemy and not leaving any room to breathe, so that the defender cannot repair itself. Even if its 1V2, as soon as you kill one enemy you will regain health and can take on the other.

In order to split them, use Turbo to find a good angle of attack, and switch to Impact mode as soon as you fire. Repair might be useful if you do a mistake and need to retry your attack from another angle, but it will usually not be used.


Attacking points can also be done with other abilities, but mostly if you outnumber or have higher skills than the enemy. Those two abilities are by far the strongest to remove the control of an area from the enemy’s hands.


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR


3) Run and Gun


Recommended Classes: Hunter, Tempest.

Recommended Ability: Carapace.


In our article on the best team combinations in RIGS, we recommended to use a Rig with Carapace to attack the enemy and turn around when they start shooting back. This technique can be devastating if done properly.


First, you will need to engage the fight while being in the blind spot of an enemy Rig. That way, the reaction time will be long enough for you to deal damage and turn around. Second, once you turn around, you should try to heal as much damage as possible quickly.


You will need to use the Turbo mode to flank the enemy and switch to Repair as soon as you are in range. If you are truly confident in your abilities, you can use Turbo to flank, switch to Impact while the enemy turns around, and switch to Repair while you flee, but that might backfire.

Switching to Repair immediately assures you that even if you take some damage, it will be healed extremely quickly.


Finally, once you are healed and the opponent is still on your tail, use Turbo to run away, or turn around and switch to Impact if you judge you can get an easy kill.


The two best rights to get into an enemy’s blind spot are by far Tempest and Hunter. The hovering ability of the first and the speed of the latter make them obvious choices. However, you can also try the other two classes but the results might vary.


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR


4) Long-range support


Recommended Class: Tempest, Hunter.

Recommended Abilities: Engineer, Thief.


An interesting playstyle in RIGS is the ability to support from a certain range. There are two major ways to support and it will depend entirely on the ability you’ve chosen.


If you play as an Engineer, you will need to stay close to your teammates to heal them. Not necessarily right beside them, but they should be in your line of sight and at a reasonable distance, else the healing effect will not work.

Furthermore, if you are close enough to the enemy you will also be able to render their radar useless. This can be of great help when you have a teammate trying to flank the enemy team. Hence, you should use Turbo whenever you need to get up close. Then, switch to Repair when fighting, since your main objective will be to stay alive to heal your teammates.

You can also use Impact if you really aren’t receiving any damage.


If you like to play a more offensively than an engineer, the Thief support can be viable when played correctly. By stealing power spheres or the ball in Endzone, you will be able to help your teammates while blocking the enemies. You will not have the ability to run to the Endzone, as you will get annihilated before reaching it, and jumping through the Hoop in Powerslam will require for your teammates to open the path for you.

Hence, you should always have a teammate in your line of sight. You default mode should be Turbo, as collecting as many spheres or catching up to the enemy with the ball will be your main objectives.

A Thief is also hidden you from the enemy’s radars while in Turbo.


Overall, both the Tempest and the Hunter have their advantages as a support. The Tempest will be able to provide air support, and see the enemies’ movements more clearly, but the Hunter ground speed is non-negligible. Depending on the map, the use of corridors will make the Hunter much more viable, since the Tempest can easily be focused while in the air.


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR


5) The All-Rounder


Recommended Class: Mirage.

Recommended Abilities: Any.


The Mirage did not get a lot of love throughout this guide, so we dedicated a whole playstyle for it. It truly is a great Rig, perhaps the one with the most answers to various situations. It is clearly a jack-of-all-trades, which means that it cannot excel in one specific situation, but it excels at being consistently strong everywhere.


The particular class that you will choose will influence your playstyle a lot. If you want a great class to do anything, Vampire or Knockout are good choices. As a Vampire, your survivability will greatly improve. As a Knockout, you will have strong advantage in 1v1 encounters, as meleeing the opponent disables their modes.

In other words, you can get the edge of a fight by removing whatever bonus they are using while using yours. Knockout also adds an extra layer of defense while in Powerslam.


As for the modes, as an All-rounder you will need to make quick judgments. Most likely, you will find yourself in the 4 situations presented above, and much more. Inspire yourself from our previous advices and remember that Turbo and Repair are sometimes better when fighting than Impact.


To be a good All-Rounder requires the most skill. It is much easier to focus on one aspect and master it, but your impact on the game will be that much more significant than a specialist.

Experience will be the best way for you to hone your skills, and perhaps it is easier to start with a more specific playstyle, and switch to the All-Rounder later on.


Final Word

This concludes our guide on improving your individual skills in RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. We hope that the 5 playstyles we offer will inspire you to find your own.

Remember to check our advanced strategy guide on RIGS best team combinations, or our basic RIGS overview if you do not know essential features about the game.


With all these guides, you should be ready to dominate online as soon as the game launches.

We wish you the best of luck and sincerely hope that many of you readers will want to pick up the game and join us in the first competitive game for the PlayStation VR.

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