RIGS Guide: Best team combinations to dominate multiplayer

RIGS: Best Team Combinations

Sun Tzu famously said, that the biggest victory was to win without fighting. Well, let us tell you he would be disappointed with RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, the first competitive PSVR game. Epic fights, large weapons, and team strategies are all necessary if you ever want to win at RIGS.

Forget everything about mercy, and destroy your opponents while cheering on your friends and climbing the ranks of the 3v3 competitive multiplayer mode.


If you want to have an early advantage while playing the competitive 3v3 mode at RIGS, or if you simply want to dominate the single player campaign, you are the right place.

Any basic information about the game you do not know? Head over to our RIGS: Basic Features Guide to learn all there is to know about the essential components of the game. And if you would rather improve your individual skills access our guide on the best ability/class combinations and playstyles in RIGS.


RIGS - Abilities
RIGS – Abilities


Without further ado, let’s jump right in the advanced tips and strategies that will help you dominate singleplayer and online multiplayer!


RIGS: Team strategies

If you believe that the same three Rigs will be able to dominate in every sport, you are dead wrong. Each sports type provides a very different way to approach the game, and you need to consider their different objectives while building your own strategy.


RIGS: Powerslam Mode
RIGS: Powerslam Mode


The Powerslam mode, where you need to collect six power spheres or kill three enemies to get into overdrive and score by jumping through the hoop, can be played both defensively and offensively.

Will your team focus on killing enemies? Or will you monopolize all the power spheres to avoid fighting as much as possible and score quick hoops? Will you play a tanky team that can push people away to deny your enemies scoring abilities? Or will you try a mix of all of these?


Those are essential questions you should ask yourself and your teammates before a match of Powerslam. For the time being, let us offer you two team strategies that will exemplify how a great team can play this game.


Offensive strategy in Powerslam

This team focuses on both killing enemies and collecting power spheres. One player, the Vampire, will need a great map awareness, while the Carapace and the Engineer will need a good judgment on when to engage and disengage a fight.


Here is a strong team composition that would be great in Powerslam and will let you accomplish both offensive objectives as much as possible:


RIGS: Run and Gun
RIGS: Run and Gun


Run and Gun: Pain Killer (Engineer Mirage), Flat Liner (Vampire Hunter), Guardian (Carapace Sentinel)


Guardian’s role will be to engage the enemies in order to reduce their health as much as possible, then run away while being protected with its ability. The Repair mode and the ability of the Engineer will ensure that it does not die, thus making it harder and harder for the enemy team to get into overdrive.

Equipped with two plasma accelerators, the extra armor of the Sentinel and its strong melee abilities will allow Guardian to get up close, deal a lot of damage while taking all the attention of the enemy.

When it runs away, it is time for Flat Liner to get into the fight.


The basic strategy for Flat Liner will be threefold. First, if Guardian is not engaging any enemy or if no enemy is low-health, it should stay in turbo mode and collect as many power spheres as possible. Since the Hunter is the fastest rig, it should to escape from any encounter and collect a lot of spheres.

Second, when an enemy’s health is low enough to be a certain kill, Flat Liner should jump into the fight and destroy the enemy by using his double Beams. Any health lost will be quickly recuperated, which allows the Engineer to focus solely on the Guardian.

Third, Flat Liner will be the one achieving overdrive the most. Hence, once it gets into that state, the team should switch focus.

Guardian and Pain Killer should come to protect Flat Liner while it uses its maximum speed to jump through the hoop.


Pain Killer’s main role will be to follow Guardian and provide long distance support by healing and dealing damage. With its smart missile and heavy machinegun, Pain Killer has a firepower that is hard to ignore. It should stay in repair mode most of the time. Since the Mirage is a great all-rounder and can double jump, it will be able to distance itself from the enemy when needed and stay close to the Guardian whenever it requires healing.


This team composition can be tweaked in many ways. You can replace the Mirage by a Tempest, hence ensuring that the Engineer will provide information on the movements of the enemy team and cause a threat from the air. A well-coordinated double Guardian and one Flat Liner could also work. The extra firepower might just compensate for lack of healing.


Now, if you’d rather play defensively in Powerslam, let us present the Neutralizers.


Defensive strategy in Powerslam

Any defensive team should focus on giving as little kills as possible, on blocking the collection of power spheres, and on stopping the enemies from entering the hoop.

You can accomplish these objectives in many ways, but an excellent manner to do it is to use a tanky team able to defend positions with Impulse weapons.


RIGS: Neutralizers
RIGS: Neutralizers


The Neutralizers: El Diablo (Engineer Sentinel), Dead Centre (Thief Tempest), Anger Management (Knockout Mirage)

The role of Anger Management will be to stay around the hoop and melee attack any enemy coming to score. Since its ability lets you remove the enemy’s overdrive, you can heavily deny any attempts at scoring. The double jump of the Mirage and its above-average speed will make sure that no enemy can escape.

Furthermore, Anger Management is equipped with an impulse cannon, which lets it push enemies who try to jump at the center of the hoop, and a warhead, to deal a massive amount of damage.

However, to defend the position without dying, it requires the support of El Diablo.


El Diablo is an incredibly strong tanky Rig. With the extra survivability of the Sentinel and its strong melee attack, it can stay in the middle of the fight while healing the other teammates. In this particular strategy, it should stay most of the time with Anger Management. Switching between the Repair and Impact mode will be necessary to stay alive at the center of the map.

In this type of game, a good defense also requires information on the enemies’ movements which can easily be provided by Dead Centre.


Dead Centre will be harder to play. It will require the player to hover around the map and steal as many power spheres as possible so that the enemy cannot take them. It requires a good map awareness and good communication with the team. Staying in Turbo the vast majority of the time will be of utmost importance, especially since the thief ability ensures that you are invisible to the enemy radar when in Turbo.


This team composition requires good team communication and hinges on the individual ability of each player. Whenever Dead Centre steals enough power spheres, the center should be controlled by El Diablo and Anger Management, making it easy to score.


If you want to bring some changes, you could use a Nuke Rig instead of Anger Management. You lose the ability to remove overdrives, but whenever the enemy team pushes too hard you will be able to block off the path to the hoop for a few seconds.


This is it for Powerslam! Next on the list: Endzone.


RIGS: Endzone Mode
RIGS: Endzone Mode

Endzone mode

Endzone is very different from Powerslam. The fact that there is a holographic ball that you can pass and steal transforms the game entirely. Also, since you can access the Endzone while staying on the ground, whereas the hoop in Powerslam requires you to jump, aerial abilities are going to be used in a different manner.

Finally, killing an enemy will bring you a certain advantage, but it’s not as rewarding as killing an enemy in Powerslam. At best the ball drops on the floor, at worst the enemy respawns quickly and is back in action in a few seconds.


All these changes make it hard to play a fully offensive or fully defensive team. You will need to defend your Endzone while having the ability to quickly bring the ball to the other side of the map.


Balanced team for Endzone

We have composed a safe team to play that does not require extreme skills and balances well between offense and defense.


RIGS: Steal, Run, Nuke
RIGS: Steal, Run, Nuke


Steal, Run, Nuke: Roundhouse (Carapace Hunter), Killswitch (Thief Mirage), Critical Mass (Nuke Sentinel)

The role of Roundhouse will be to stay forward and take advantage of the good speed of the Hunter to leave enemies behind when you have the ball. No enemies will get close enough to melee and all their weapon damage will be negated by its Carapace.

Equipped with the plasma accelerator and the rail gun, it can also dish out a good amount of damage if it encounters any annoying enemy. Positioning will be key to receive a good pass, and go straight for the Endzone while in turbo mode. When done well, nobody will be able to stop it.

However, Killswitch will need to make most of the plays to give the perfect pass.


Killswitch will be played semi-offensively. Since it can steal the ball by shooting, and not just melee, it can be incredibly powerful as both a defensive and an offensive player. It should stay around the middle of the map, steal the ball before your enemy reaches the Endzone, and use the medium speed and double jump ability of the sentinel to pass the ball to Roundhouse.

Its heavy machine gun gives it a range good enough to steal from the enemy without taking too much damage, while its impulse cannon will push back any enemy getting too close.


Finally, Critical Mass will be defending the goal.

Roam around the Endzone, try to slam opponents with your jumping ability so that they cannot move for a while, use your warhead and heavy machine guns to kill anyone coming too close, and if you are going to die, get as close as possible to deal maximum damage with your Nuke ability. The Nuke ability can also act as a wall if it is activated near the Endzone. The enemies will need to wait out for the Nuke to explode in order to be able to score, giving precious seconds for Killswitch to steal the ball.


Overall this team is a well-balanced team. You can have a more offensive version by putting Critical mass in attack, where its strong melee attacks and Nuke abilities are sure to open a hole in any defense.


Counter-attack team for Endzone

You found the previous kind of strategy a little boring? Do you want something riskier, but also much more rewarding? We have something for you.


RIGS - Counterattack Madness
RIGS – Counter-attack Madness


Counter-attack madness: Dead Centre (Thief Tempest), Bad Medicine (Thief Hunter), Hard Case (Carapace Mirage)

This team will rely heavily on the two Thieves to defend. Following the principle that the best defense is offense, this team will have to shoot the enemies and get the ball as quickly as possible to start their counter-attack. The air abilities of the Tempest and the top speed of the Hunter will be central to that strategy.


If enemies are controlling the air, let the hunter run most of the distance and pass the ball to Dead Centre when things get too hot. Varying between ground and air will be of central importance to this strategy. With its hover ability, the Tempest can stay in the air and bring the ball close to the enemy Endzone while never touching the ground.

To score, however, Hard case will be necessary.


With its double jump ability and its above average speed, Hard case will be just good enough to get a good pass from the Dead Centre or Bad Medicine. The double jump will help to create unobstructed straight lines between itself and its teammates.

Finally, jump over the enemy defenses and outpace them while in Turbo, so that your carapace ability protects you against any attack and lets you score quickly.


This team composition requires excellent coordination between teammates and an acute sense of positioning. If a Thief decides to go on the attack when it should be defending, then nothing will stop your enemy from scoring. Since it relies so heavily on counter-attacks and fast speed to score, every movement counts.


This ends it for Endzone. We hope that you like the two teams we offer and that you will come up with even stronger teams to face us at launch!


RIGS: Team Takedown Mode
RIGS: Team Takedown Mode

Team Takedown mode

Team Takedown is a bit paradoxical. The only rule is to kill others, so it should be less strategic than the other sports types. At the same time, the increased freedom also allows for more viable team compositions and strategies. Therefore, almost everything is fair game.


We decided to present a fun team composition. It might not be the strongest one, but it will snowball heavily if you take the early advantage.


RIGS: The Snowballers
RIGS: The Snowballers


The Snowballers: Blood Bank (Vampire Sentinel), Parasite (Vampire Tempest), Roundhouse (Carapace Hunter)

This team is all about killing fast by dominating the ground and the air. Roundhouse will have to deal as much damage as possible without doing any killing. As soon as the enemy starts to fire back, the top speed of the Hunter and the Carapace ability will let Roundhouse escape almost unscathed.

A good balance between Turbo and Repair mode will be needed to stay alive as long as possible.


Blood Bank and Parasite should provide support and take all the kills. They must not be afraid to take some damage, as every time they kill someone their full health will be restored. Blood Bank will want to go up close, and use his melee ability to deal a massive amount of damage and get the attention of the enemy.

Furthermore, the use of the slam with the jumping ability will let you pick off any low health enemy and finish them quickly. Parasite, on the other hand, should try to avoid the line of sight of the enemy, let Blood Bank take the aggro, and unleash his powerful weapons to deal massive amounts of damage. With the hovering ability of the Tempest, this will not be too hard to accomplish.


Every kill you get with this team will make you stronger and stronger. Having a Sentinel that can consistently go back to 100% armor is simply incredibly strong and hard to beat. However, if your team lacks coordination and you are unable to take an early advantage and split the enemy team, nothing will stop you.


Many other team compositions will work in Team Deathmatch. It is a great mode to try out new things and find new metas. Don’t forget that you will need a variety of answers to the possible threats from the enemy team, and bring three Rigs that complete each other nicely.



Final Word

The first competitive game for the PSVR requires a lot of strategies. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League seems to follow the idea of easy to pick-up, but hard to master.

We hope that these various teams will help you create your team that suits your style perfectly. If you would like more tips on how to improve your individual skills, check out our RIGS: Best ability/class combinations tutorial. Or, if you need a quick recap of the essentials, check out our RIGS: basic features tutorial.


We hope to see you clash against our team after the PSVR launch, and we wish you a good amount of robot destruction!

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