Robinson: The Journey Review: The Most Immersive Experience on PlayStation VR

Robinson: The Journey - Review

Robinson: The Journey, an exclusive PlayStation VR game, offers an incredible experience that will leave you hungry for more. The more we move forward with Virtual Reality, the more the line between what is real and what is virtual gets blurred. Robinson: The Journey blurs that line further than any other game that came out up until now.

After completing the story, we felt nostalgia and a wished to return to the game simply to experience the unique atmosphere once more. Through its attention to details, its interactive environment, and an engaging story Crytek’s new game will incite fear, awe, and wonder in any VR gamer.


The Setting – “Tyson III”

Stunning, that’s the first word that comes to mind when we think of Robinson: The Journey. The world is incredibly beautiful and engaging and very few virtual reality games have been able to offer the same level of immersion. Crytek is well known for the stunning visuals they usually offer in their games, and this one is no exception.

Plunged into a rich forest, a significant amount of your time will be spent simply looking around and enjoying the beauty around you.


Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR - Tyson 3
Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR – Tyson 3



As Robin, the 12-year-old survivor of a crash and scientist, you will be forced to leave the safety of your pod to explore the unknown planet you stranded on, “Tyson III”.

Crytek filled this world with a vast variety of creatures and plants to make it feel alive. You will encounter creatures of any sizes, from fireflies to dinosaurs, and also interact with inanimate objects to solve the many puzzles incorporated in the game.

As a result, you will feel like you are truly a visitor lost on an unknown planet slowly exploring its nature.



The game also provides an incredible sense of scale. The height and size of various objects somehow feel real. Your encounter with a wild T-Rex will be quite terrifying. When you start climbing, you will be scared to fall.

The immersion is so deep that we felt vulnerable and small when exploring Tyson III. A feat rarely accomplished in a video game.



Robinson: The Journey is thus an incredible experience of being lost on an unknown planet, where your survival is not always ensured.


Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR - T-Rex in Collection
Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR – T-Rex in Collection


An Intriguing story

Robinson: The Journey offers an exciting and suspenseful story, that will lead you to investigate the crash of your spaceship. To advance, you will have to solve puzzles, climb over obstacles, avoid danger and encounter various creatures.

Tyson III, the planet you crashed on, is incredibly well crafted. The feeling of being lost on a hostile planet is well conveyed through the visuals and the story.


Cute and entertaining companions

Luckily, you will not be alone in this scary new world.

HIGS, your AI companion, will lighten up your journey with his funny personality. Your second companion will be Laika, a baby dinosaur that does not truly get along with HIGS. The interaction between the two is funny and cute and adds a certain depth to the story.



Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR - Laika with a Hat
Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR – Laika with a Hat


Furthermore, you will also be able to interact and play mini-games with both your companions. It is incredibly fun to dress up Laika or play Tic-Tac-Toe against HIGS.

Crytek’s attention to details becomes particularly apparent in that aspect of the game. The companions will make you feel less lonely, and it is incredibly easy to grow attached to them. They are a permanent relief for the hero who finds himself trapped on a scary planet.


Replay value and length

While the game is quite short to finish, between 3 to 5 hours to be exact, you will want to come back to scan all creatures and experience once again the game’s unique atmosphere. The attention to details is simply incredible. Every animal model is fascinating to look at, and it is a blast to find a new species and scan it.

Robinson: The Journey allows for the same kind of nostalgia that you might get after playing a truly unique game that made you forget about reality for a while.



A few flaws

The game has, however, its flaws.

The movement of your character is a bit slow, and although it helps with making motion sickness almost inexistent, it can get quite annoying after some time. Furthermore, while the game’s controls are quite intuitive, the lack of support for the PS Move was quite disappointing. Even the tool you will use in-game looks a bit like a PS Move!

While it may not necessarily be incredibly easy to find a way to integrate movements with the PS Move, it would make the interactions much more realistic. Perhaps it will come in a future patch, but since the game has the price tag of an AAA game, we expected full support at launch.


Another technical issue is that the automatic position tracking seems to be faulty after first launching the game. We had to recalibrate tthe position by holding down the OPTIONS button in the main menu every time we launched the game.


Finally, while you can feel that Tyson III is a large planet, the area you can explore is relatively small. We found ourselves hoping for an expansion or a new game continuing the story further.

Of course, this is also only the start for the PSVR and so we have to understand that current limitations are only temporary. We do wish for Crytek to continue their VR adventure as the quality of the game is simply incredible.




Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR - Scanned Collection
Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR – Scanned Collection



Final Words

All in all, Robinson: The Journey is a wonderful game that brings immersion to another level.

Few games can rival with the visuals, the interactivity, and the intriguing story that define this game. Simply being in the world feels like a blast. Crytek’s attention to detail is in its own league, and it truly makes simple things, like finding a creature, feel exciting.


Tyson III feels like a living planet that you travel to when you put your PSVR headset on. The few downsides, such as the lack of support for the PS Move and the slow movements, are small inconveniences, that are quickly forgotten and can be patched in the future.


If you love dinosaurs, exploring, or if you are looking for a truly immersive game, we recommend that you give Robinson: The Journey a try!

Rating: 8/10

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