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Roblox player video game has been very successful on all platforms and it might be coming to PlayStation VR soon. The game has been great on the PC and Xbox so far with millions of players already bought this game and playing. The success the game also had with Oculus VR recently has provoked a question to David Baszucki, the founder and CEO of the family-friendly gaming platform Roblox, about Digital Trends and his company’s road-map into VR. Furthermore he extended the question further by asking about PlayStation VR specifically and the answer he got could not be more clear that Roblox player will make it to the Playstation VR.

The exact quote David Baszucki said “We are not yet ready to announce any plans, but it’s a safe assumption that that’s where we should be heading next. Since we shipped on Xbox One in February, we have been the top most downloaded game on the Xbox Store. It’s a real logical conclusion that we will get the same effect on PlayStation, and we will also be in an environment to take advantage of PlayStation VR at the same time.”

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Great User-Created Content

The most fun part about the game is the user generate content and specially the bases. The internet is full of these bases and other users can download and play with them. This idea is great from the developers as it adds replay value and keeps the content fresh and interesting. One of the most famous bases are Lumber Tycoon and retail Tycoon. In Retail Tycoon, you take control of a small building and set out to create a massive retail store. Attract customers with pretty signs and separate them from their money with your own well-designed store layout. The creator can then add updates and improve the map. This keeps players coming back for more.


The VR Experience :

Not many games become a success on VR for one reason and its motion sickness. This is still a major issue for the VR world and it is still being researched heavily to reduce the sickness. Some games have it more than others while some games are very comfortable. Players playing Rublox have had a positive experience with Roblox player VR so far. The developers have put emphasis on creating a comfortable VR experience and they in fact did. The player can choose from 2 different angles whether it is first person or third-person depending on their preference. By having this option a player can use the third person view, which in theory would cause less motion sickness, if they wanted to and still play the game in VR.


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Here is what David Baszucki had to say about his personal experience with Roblox VR : I “I’ve been playing Roblox for a long time, but this is the first time you feel like you are in the experience.” Would Roblox be coming to other VR platforms. “We’re announcing Oculus today but we are working with all other VR platforms as well. There will be several VR announcements to come.”


Sooner or later this famous game will surely make its way to Playstation VR and we at PlaystationVRUS will keep you posted.

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