Rocket League PS4 : Simple yet Extremely Addictive


It’s interesting how a veteran gamer can sometimes find the most pleasure in chasing a giant ball with a small, turbo packed car toy. That is the general Rocket League PS4 gameplay after all. Rocket League is one of those simple, yet extremely addictive games that can keep you glued to your seat for hours. At the same time, the way that each game is played out can last from 30 to 60 minutes or more, giving plenty of options to those who are busy and just looking to squeeze in some fun time between other activities. Anyhow, in this article you will learn various info about Rocket League. We will cover gameplay, visuals, multiplayer and a host of other things. So keep reading to find all the important information.


The Gameplay

Rocket League PS4 version is quite addictive with it’s fast paced gameplay, that has you chasing around a large arena with against AI or human opposition. The goal of the game is to push, or better yet, shoot a large ball across the terrain, and into the opponents goal. Of course, the opponent is trying to do the same thing, so it creates a menacing tempo in which both players or sets of players in opposing teams race towards the ball, strategically position themselves across the terrain, and have to develop their own unique strategy of getting the humongous ball into the enemies net. Or not. Even though Rocket League can be quite complex, depending on the time and energy you’re willing to invest into developing your skill, it can also be played without any previous knowledge or experience. The premise is quite simple – all you really need to do is hit into the ball with you car and it will bounce away.

However, there are some extra points when it comes to the interaction with the ball. The cars are equipped with turbo speed, which can be activated after proving yourself throughout the game, and you’ve managed to charge it enough. After you release it, your car becomes super fast, and you can hit the ball strong enough for it to basically swirl all across the terrain. Another car feature is their ability to jump. When you jump or even use turbo and jump together, the effect you have on the ball can be two times as powerful. You might be wondering if there is any combat involved while you’re struggling to score against the opposition. In regular circumstances you cannot destroy the opposing cars, nor can you damage them, and vice-versa. The only time you can do real physical damage to them is when you activate turbo speed. Turbo charged, your car will smash and break through any opposition car.

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When the car is destroyed, it respawns in the starting position on the arena, and quite quickly. This is in fact a good thing, since it means that you won’t be missing on any action if you’re dealt the same stinging blow. You’ll get to resume and help your team quickly after.

The Arena

What makes Rocket League PS4 version stand out is the variety of arenas, and the way that they compliment gameplay. There are over 30 different arenas, and many more that are fan made and can be downloaded. What makes the arena such an important factor is the fact that you’re not limited to the flat surface. You can basically drive around it’s high edges and curved corners, and gain speed as you bring yourself down. This adds a whole ‘nother layer of strategic awareness and fun to the gameplay. The arenas are exceptionally well made in the visual sense as well. You can literally see blades of grass moving as you release turbo speed. There are many caviates to each arena, giving the game a good replayability value.



The Cars

The cars are created in a cartoonish style, and could easily remind you of the animated movie Cars. They’re designed as easy-on-the-eye play toy that still look interesting enough for you to play with them. There are many additional visual aspects you can get for your mechanical pets, such as stickers, hats and a wide range of colors. Customizing them is quite interesting by itself, since there are plenty of options to push your own individual style. As far as driving them is concerned, it’s an arcade experience. The only way for them to really break down is if they’re hit by an enemy charging at you in turbo mode. Otherwise you’re free to swirl around, jump and tackle a huge ball that explodes with rainbow colors after you’ve hit the goal. In fact, spinning the car is perhaps the most important extra component, as the way you hit the ball determines it’s direction and the speed at which it goes. It might seem hard to grasp at a theoretical level, but it’s quite easy to master after a few minutes of trying it out with a controller.


Singleplayer Vs. Multiplayer

For Rocket League, PS4 is simply the ultimate platform. Not only in terms of the controller really being perfect for doing all the crazy jumps and spins, but also because of more technical issues. First of all, the multiplayer mode is simply outstanding, and it has a great community of both beginner and more experienced players. It’s really easy to find a game at any point in the day, with the 3 vs 3 being the most popular setting. You can play up to 4 vs 4, but it can get overcrowded with that many cars in the arena. The game was created mainly as a multiplayer game, but it also has a singleplayer mode, with tutorials, a league (career) mode and random battle mode, where you can test your skills out. However, the AI is too polite in my experience. Playing with and against humans is overall a far more entertaining experience.

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As I’ve mentioned, the game has a very arcade feel to it. The cars and the arenas are very colorful, and fun to look to look at. With that being said, the car models are quite interesting. The arenas themselves are perhaps the biggest eye candy, not so much because of the graphics themselves, but rather because of their design, which gives you a real feeling of grandeur. Almost like being a mechanical car toy in a blend of a Roman colloseum and a football stadium.

Rocket League For PSVR

Unfortunately, Rocket League is not available for PSVR as of yet. There has been a lot of questions online about whether we’ll get a VR version, but it doesn’t seem very likely. Some are even wondering if the fan-base itself could create a patch that would allow us to play it in VR. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that one shall we?


If you’re looking for a top notch arcade car game that is highly addictive and great to play with both friends and strangers, than Rocket League fits the grade. With great graphics, entertaining gameplay, and a plethora of cars and arenas to try out, it’s replayability value is through the roof. Hopefully you’ll try it out, and I’ll get to turbo charge right through you.

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