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Since the earliest days, roller coasters have been part of gaming experiences. With the 3D Crazy Coasters on the Vectrex, roller coaster games go back as far as 1983’s. However, with the development of virtual reality (VR) technology, the immersive experience has become much realistic.The inherent sense of presence in VR simulated environments makes the roller coasters’ terror much more impressive. Gamers experiencing roller coaster VR have reported that their “bonus” is inducing the kind of sickness that you may get from a real life roller coaster. Many game developers create VR roller coaster games. The reason is that it is easier to create a VR experience where the player is sitting down, travelling on a fixed path where he/she can control their passage and look around. Roller coaster VR rides feel realistic and are among the best games that could be experienced on VR headsets.


Definitely, if you own a VR headset, you should try roller coaster VR experiences. However, if you are looking for the most fantastic immersive experience, finding the proper apps is not easy. With advanced VR gadgets such as Gear VR or Oculus Rift you can certainly enjoy a good virtual reality experience. But, if you are on a limited budget, even a Google Cardboard could make a great gadget for experiencing virtual reality roller coaster games. The Google Cardboard device is cheep and gives you access to VR without the need to spend lots of money. You can use and smartphone running Android 4.1+ as your VR headset.We will present here a list with the best roller coaster journeys in virtual reality.

Atlantis: Infinite Coaster

Atlanstis: Infinite Coaster is a VR game designed for the Oculus Rift headset. This is an unusual coaster that was developed by a physicist, rather than a software engineer. The developer wanted to prove to himself that it is possible to program something solely in openGL. That makes Atlantis: Infinite Coaster free from the regular big bugs found in VR engines like Unreal or Unity.

One unusual aspect of this roller coaster VR game is the fact that the ride is procedurally-generated. That means that the gamer will never experience the same ride twice. The general environment always remains a city floating on a featureless sea. However, the ride could go on forever, once in the city proper.


Cosmic Roller Coaster

This VR coaster is designed for Google Cardboard / Android. The game allows you to ride in the Solar System. Gamers will fly past each of the Solar System’s planets, passing close a space station, flying through Saturn’s rings, passing a star ship and even fly by a warp gate before returning to a very ocean-lite Earth.

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Frag VR Roller Coaster

Frag VR roller coaster is a free game made for Google Cardboard / Android / iOS. It offers you a solid roller coaster experience once can get it working with your Android or iOS device.

The VR journey will have you travelling through a detailed cityscape full of noisy crowds, cars and birds. Each time you start riding, the landscape is randomly generated. But rather than spreading out to explore the city, the ride all loops in on itself.


NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulator

This VR game is designed to work with the Oculus Rift headset. It is an unusual roller coaster VR experience. NoLimits 2 is a simulation built on a professional roller coaster design tool. For instance, the same tool has been used by designers to create the roller coaster rides at world famous theme parks like Alton Towers.

To ride one of NoLimits 2’s coasters is actually quite spooky, as they’re so attractive and realistically created that they’re close to the real ride experience. The rides even come with real time shadows, reflections, and wind. And most of them are actually based on real roller coaster rides.

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Cmoar Roller Coaster VR

This game works on Google Cardboard / iOS / Android. The VR coaster has been developed by the oddly-named Cmoar. The four minute ride takes you through canyons, inside caves, and across flaming pits. If you want to try before you buy, Cmoar also offers a free version of the game that lasts just a minute.

Chunks is a VR game designed for the HTC Vive VR headset. This is a fun Minecraft style VR developed by the same guys who are behind Garry’s Mod and Rust. The roller coaster VR ride has been obviously designed to be both flexible and silly.

The game even allows players to easily and quickly design their own roller coasters. You can use the Vive’s controller in order to sketch a 3D roller coaster track and then ride it. The only problem is that, at the moment, this is just an internal prototype. You’ll still have to wait if you want to get hands-on with this piece.


Influx: Volcano Coaster

The game is made to work with the Oculus Rift headset. The Volcano Coaster is, in fact, a promotional spin-off of the puzzle game Influx. It seems that the developer has tweaked the engine of that game to make a roller coaster.

As the name suggests, the “Influx: Volcano Coaster” game takes you into the heart of a volcano, on a fixed path ride. The virtual reality journey is not spectacular, but at least lasts a reasonable time and it shows off the capabilities of the system.

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Cyberspace works on the Oculus Rift VR gadget. This is not a coaster, strictly speaking, but more of a fairground ride. However, the VR journey is fast-moving and really spectacularly. The ride is a giant pendulum set in a cityscape, with a counterbalance at one end and a gondola at the other. Sitting in a middle seat, the player is flanked by impassive people, as the gondola swings faster and faster, higher and higher.


Real world VR coasters

These VR games work on IRL & Samsung VR / HTC Vive. The roller coaster rides are both real life and virtual. Theme parks all over the world are revamping their roller coasters, providing virtual reality headsets attached to each seat. You can immerse in a realistic virtual journey that takes account of the direction of travel and the g-force. The ride combines real sensations with a virtual experience on a Samsung Gear VR.

For instance, both Six Flags across the USA and the Alton Towers’ Galactica ride in the UK are using this tech in order to revamp their older roller coasters. Six Flags has several rides, ranging from the New Revolution space battle to a Superman experience. Alton Towers’ ride offers you on a space VR journey.


The real world VR coasters promise to make the experience even more fun. We think that this is the most immersive experience you can get.

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