How to set up and connect the PlayStation VR – Tutorial

PSVR Setup Guide How To

You just received Sony’s brand new PlayStation VR headset and can’t wait to enjoy the world of virtual reality gaming – but you don’t know how to set up the PSVR and connect all the wires to the processing unit, the headset, your PlayStation 4 and your TV?

Let us help and show you how to get going!


PlayStation VR Box contents

Getting started: Lets make sure you have everything you need!

  1. The PlayStation VR headset
  2. HDMI and USB cables.
  3. Power brick and power cord
  4. A pair of earbuds
  5. The PSVR Processor Unit
  6. A special cable for the PlayStation VR headset

PlayStation VR Box Content

Note: The PlayStation 4, a TV and the PlayStation Camera are also required, but not included in the box.


Guide: How to connect the PSVR components

Let’s get into action!

We have prepared the following tutorial to help you easily connect all the wires and signals.

PlayStation VR Setup Sketch Tutorial
PlayStation VR Setup. See the color explanation below.

Black: HDMI
Orange: USB
Yellow: Power
Green: Optical 3.5mm audio jack
Pink: Device specific cable


The PlayStation VR processor unit (image below) features 2 HDMI ports (HDMI TV and HDMI PS4), a micro usb port and a power jack on its back and 2 ports for the PlayStation VR headset itself on the front.


First, take your existing HDMI cable and connect it with the PlayStation VR processor unit. One ends needs to be connected to the HDMI port of your TV, while the other end goes into the “HDMI TV” port of the PSVR processor unit.


Now take the remaining HDMI cable, which can be found in the PSVR box, and put one end in the “HDMI PS4” port of the PSVR processor unit. Put the other end into the HDMI port of your PlayStation 4.


PlayStation VR Black Box
The PlayStation VR processor unit


After you finish hooking up those video signals, connect the USB port of the processor unit to one of the USB ports found on the front of your PlayStation 4, using the USB cable you can find in the PSVR box.


Finally, hook the processor unit up to a power outlet by using the power brick and power cord included in your PlayStation VR package.


Start using the PlayStation VR!

After setting up the processor unit, all there is left to do is connect the PlayStation VR headset to the 2 ports on the front of the processor unit using the special PlayStation VR cable found in the box.

You can also connect the included earbuds or any audio headset with a 3.5mm input to the adapter on the special PSVR cable.


Connect the VR headset to the processor unit and then turn on the VR headset. - PlayStation VR
Connect the VR headset to the processor unit and then turn on the VR headset. – PlayStation VR


As your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Camera should already be setup, you should be good to go by now. So turn on the PlayStation 4 and follow the on-screen instructions!


Make sure to find a position for the PlayStation Camera, where it can track you without any problems. The optimal distance when using the PSVR headset is about 2 meters from your PlayStation Camera and TV.


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