Taco Bell and Sony giving away free PSVR headsets every 15 minutes!

Taco Bell FREE PSVR Giveaway

Apart from only getting a $5 Big Box, Taco Bell is currently also giving you a chance to win a brand new PlayStation VR ahead of its highly anticipated release! The Mexican chain has once again teamed up with Sony to offer their customers this insane giveaway, which was started on September 15th.

This is not the first time that the Mexican Chain has partnered with Sony. Back in 2013, Taco Bell entered into an agreement with Sony and they gave away PlayStation 4 consoles.


How Do You Win It?

There is a catch though: you have to purchase a Taco Bell Big Box, which sales for $5. The Big Box contains a code, that customers can enter in the Win a PSVR – Site for a chance to obtain a cool PlayStation VR bundle.

Taco Bell PSVR Box


What is Included in This Bundle?

The PlayStation VR bundle comes with the virtual reality device itself, a set of stereo headphones, 2 PlayStation Move Controllers and a complementary PlayStation Camera. The bundle also includes $40 PlayStation Store credit, that can be used to purchase any cool games or downloadable content you may want.

In order to use the PSVR, you need to have a PS4. So if you don’t have one, make sure you get one before the end of the giveaway.


Who Stands To Win?

Anyone who buys a Big Box and enters their code has a huge chance of winning a PSVR bundle. There will be many winners in this giveaway, as a new winner will be chosen every 15 minutes.

That’s 4 winners per hour, every day. This greatly increases the chances of you being the lucky one earning a PSVR bundle.


Release Date

Sony is planning to officially release the product for sale on October 13th, but they have also gone ahead and posted in their blog, that the headsets will be delivered to the users “several days” earlier.

This indicates, that many people will be able to experience the full power of PSVR days before it’s officially launched!


The Cost of PSVR

Sony has a reputation of creating some of the best gadgets used today in the gaming world. And a VR gaming experience usually comes with a huge price tag. Fortunately, the PSVR is pocket friendly. The bundle will be retailing at $500 and will be available for pre-sale in limited quantity in selected retailing shops.

If you happen to miss the first wave, Sony has announced they will offer “another wave of sales in Summer” for those who missed the first one. The bundle has only been confirmed for North America markets and there is still more to come about other markets.


How Long Does The Giveaway Last?

The promotion will officially end on October 19th, 3 days after PSVR has been officially launched for sale. This means you still have time to enter the Giveaway and stand a chance of getting this state of the art tech, that will most likely change the gaming world forever.


Remember, you’ll need to purchase a Big Box form Taco Bell and enter the code to This Website in order to stand a chance of winning. A new winner will be announced every 15 minute, until the promotion ends! You can check all the rules and regulations of the Giveaway HERE. GOOD LUCK!

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