The Best PlayStation VR Zombie Games that will give your Body Tremor

PlayStation VR Reaction Face


Bursting the zombies into pieces in this Playstation VR game and splashing their brains off with accurate shots and the excitation of turning your head to avoid being caught unawares by the incoming rotting assailants is the ultimate thriller. With the virtual reality zombie games, the reliance on camera to make clear shots is eliminated. With the best PlayStation VR headsets you will enjoy dismantling Zombie heads with clean shots. You will have total fun with the following PlayStation VR zombie games.

Some of the current games are :

Dying Light Imagine blood thirsty zombies in your city! With the game enhanced with parkour elements, you win yourself an ergonomic way to spend your free time. One challenge with the Dying light is that it is not Oculus Rift supported sometimes moving the viewpoint while you don’t! This distortion is a slight inconvenience but the rest of everything works just fine.

Into The Dead This is not a storyline game but is breath taking with mini missions which you can compete against other online competitors in various leagues. The mission is to survive by killing any incoming zombie while you make your way through. You can play it on the PC. Into the dead has Oculus Rift support at only 599.99 dollars. If you can’t make to spend this amount there is a pocket friendly Oculus Rift support going at 99 dollars. The virtual reality gear for the Oculus going at the latter price was created by the Oculus team collaborating with Samsung. To get into the viewfinder, you need to have a Samsung Smartphone with high end.

Zero Latency Heads up! Zero Latency is a real life PlayStation VR zombie game set in Melbourne Australia. The PlayStation is a 400 square meter warehouse with PlayStation eyes moving above in a circle. These eyes are able to locate at least 6 players. The players use hefty guns that can produce some kind of grenade or bullets. The PlayStation is able to give the players a grotesque zombie like look making you feel like the zombie slayer while you burst their heads off.

Zombie Shooter Choose a weapon and face the walking dead like a marine! You will have an experience of a sharpshooter with the Google Cardboard game at only 4 dollars. There are better quality headsets from Fibrum the creator of Zombie Shooter although they are expensive. If you are not worried of spending on quality then the Cardboard route is the choice to make.


The upcoming VR zombie games

Resident Evil 7 Capcom is working on the scariest PlayStation VR game for Project Morpheus that will be played using PS4. It was showcased using the E3 2015 as a demo. The glimpse of the Resident Evil human baker family left viewers with rumbling stomachs and strength-less knees. It is not yet clear whether it’s going to be Resident Evil series. However, its release is highly expected to occur at any moment leaving us with our jaws locked and fingers crossed.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead The Overkill’s Walking Dead is the 2017 awaited PlayStation video games, comic books, board games and TV series. It is going to be the latest if not the first zombie killing experience that is co-op play featured. The initial showcasing was done at the Fans Festival known as the Walker Stalker. Another demo was at the E3 in 2016. StarVR will be the headset for zombie Overkill’s game. Much is not yet known about the release date through it’s expected that the StarVR platform will be aired soon. The game is expected to play in several platforms including Xbox one, the PlayStation and the PC.

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Minecraft The VR version of the Minecraft is expected to land any time now. This is another to be the ultimate brick like blue suited gargling zombie killing experience. Minecraft is about to launch Oculus Rift to support itself and give the gamer a lifetime experience of zombie slaughter. The game will be viciously played on the Xbox one. Although a PlayStation version is rumoured to be in the making.


The PlayStation VR zombie games tech bring you an immersive zombie apocalypse world where you are the savior of your life if not world and you have to fight for your nice skin and life before you lose it to the blood scavenging walking dead. With enhanced effects and easy control the zombie VR games will blow your mind.

If you do have any issues with the Playstation VR headset make sure to read the troubleshooting guide to help solve the issue.

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