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There are so many games to be excited about in 2017. PSVR is bringing the best out of programmers with hundreds of new ways to improve the gameplay, and make PlayStation gaming experience more exciting than it ever was. Resident Evil 7 was released in January, and we’re still waiting for a few very interesting titles to come out. The struggle is real folks. But before we get to play these potential masterpieces, let’s see some of the newest information we have about them in this “Upcoming PSVR Games 2017” preview.

1. Farpoint

Release date: TBA 2017

Farpoint has quite a reputation to defend. In anticipation by many, it is touted as this years most promising sci-fi shooter. The action will take place on a strange planet, as we blast through huge insects and other creepy creatures that frequent the foreign ecosystem.

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The games will be fully optimised for PSVR, and based of off the first impressions we were able to gather from the 2016 trailer, it will present us stunning visuals. I’m not sure whether to call that a plus or a minus. I don’t want to battle against huge, realistically made spiders in VR. Sounds like the most horrifying experience ever. But I’m sure there are plenty of gamers who will want to test their bravery in this enticing environment. Another cool thing about Farpoint is that we’ll be able to use the PlayStation Move controller to direct our weapons and shoot at the enemies with great precision. This will certainly create a more realistic experience as well.
As far as the story-line is concerned, there still isn’t a lot of information available, but judging by the trailer, it will be a survive-spaceship-crash type of scenario. Definitely one of the more interesting upcoming PSVR games 2017 will offer.

2. ARK Park

Release date: TBA 2017

If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park movies, games and dinosaurs in general, ARK Park promises to deliver on all of your wildest wishes. The popular ARK PAR: Survival Evolved game is now getting a virtual reality makeover, and we’ll get to feel the wind in our hair while riding dinosaurs through wild and dangerous jungles.

Image result for ARK Park psvr
Apart from beautiful scenery, developers are promising that the game will include over 100 species of dinosaur, that we’ll get to befriend and fight against. Gameplay will also revolve around solving puzzles and exploring the environment, in search of new dinosaurs. Once you collect their “Gene Cube”, you will be able to use them for missions, and also customise them in various ways. ARK Park concept sounds very promising, but will it be able to live up to the expectations remains to be seen.
3. Ace Combat 7

Release date: TBA 2017

Who doesn’t like the adrenaline inducing action of wild air-spins with a state of the art fighter jet? That sentence itself is inducing vertigo already. All jokes aside, Ace Combat has a reputation for bringing the best out of on-screen air combat. The 7th edition will of course be fully VR optimised, and you’ll get to sit in a cockpit of over 60 fighter jets, blasting through the air with machine guns and powerful projectiles.

Image result for ace combat 7

The graphic design of the aircrafts will deliver lots of details, but it’s hard to decipher whether we’ll get to engage in combat with units on the ground just yet. Regardless of that, Ace Combat 7 will be worth buying based solely on the graphics and the high adrenaline VR air fights in single-player and multiplayer mode.


4. Chess Ultra

Release date: Spring 2017

Away from the blasters and rocket missiles and unto the peace and quiet. However, say to any chess player that the game is boring and you’ll get your ass whipped. Judging by the upcoming PSVR games 2017 will deliver, we’ll have tons of fast shooters at our disposal. But Chess Ultra is completely about the strategic aspect of things. The game played by the ancients is as interesting now as it was thousands of years ago.

Image result for chess ultra
There are a few chess games on PC and consoles that look decent enough, but Chess Ultra looks simply stunning. There will be various locations available, but the general idea is to set the mood in a quiet place where you and AI or your real life pal, will get to square against each other in a fair battle. There isn’t much to say about the gameplay. It will be the standard chess game, with various durations and tournament mode options. The main appeal is the immersion that promises to be of high quality through the implementation of PSVR technology.

5. Archangel

Release date: July 2017

Developed by Skydance Interactive Studio, Archangel will place us in a cockpit of a huge battle robot. The story goes like this: America is in danger of being completely conquered by a powerful corporation with totalitarian ideology in mind. You are the last hope of the free world. Your mech will be equipped with all the finest war machinery known to men, and it should prove to be good enough to defeat the would-be dictatorship. Oh, and it’s all happening in a post-apocalyptic US, with much of the urban areas half-ravaged by this epic battle of good and evil.

Image result for Archangel psvr

There isn’t much further information we could base our judgement on, but if you enjoy smashing and blasting through enemies with style, I can’t see how Archangel could possibly fail to deliver.

6. Ancient Amulator

Release date: TBA 2017

A classic tower-defense game, Ancient Amulator will have us defending a castle against a swarm of colourful enemies. There will be plenty of character classes to choose from, with each class carrying its own set of special weaponry and skills. Just like any other tower defense game Ancient Amulator will definitely shine the best when played in multiplayer. It will have the option of up to 4 players uniting against all odds to defend the walls. I’m pretty sure that the developers at TiGames are putting a lot of effort in this game, as it’s first coming to PSVR, and later also to Vive and Rift.
With the upcoming PSVR games 2017 is definitely going to deliver more than a couple of awesome titles that will keep us glued to our seats. PSVR is proving to be a real masterstroke by Sony, and I’m sure we’ll enjoy every minute of this new gaming revolution.

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