Windlands PS Move & PS4 Pro Update coming soon

Windland PS Move and PS4 Pro Update

The PlayStation VR version of Windlands is a great addition to any VR gamers library, however there is one thing missing when comparing it to the other ports of this title: proper move controller support. Apparently, this is about to change in the upcoming patch.

Psytec Games Community Manager, Luke Sanders, has shared the following information in the PSVR subreddit confirming PS4 Pro support for Windlands and a fix for the “seated mode” bug:


Luke here from Psytec Games, I just wanted to stop by and share an update on Windlands (PS4) with the community.

Due to a situation beyond our control concerning additional hardware required for PS4 Pro support, we have unfortunately experienced a delay with the upcoming patch for Windlands.

We expect to enter FQA over the next few weeks. The “Seated Mode” bug will also be addressed with this patch, along with additional support for PlayStation Move.

Your patience is extremely appreciated during this time. We are continuing to work as hard as we can on getting this into your hands. The love, passion & feedback that you are all sharing for the game has helped us to continually improve the experience.

Many thanks for your continued support, and happy holidays from us all here at Psytec Games!
Luke, Psytec Games Community Manager


More importantly for many vr gamers, he also confirmed PlayStation Move support is being added to Windlands with this patch in another post:


Move support IS coming with this patch, and we appreciate the patience of our players as we continue to work as hard as we can on getting into your hands.
Luke, Psytec Games Community Manager



Launched on October 25th on the PSVR, Windlands is a game that focuses on pure exploration by using grappling hooks to swing from a floating patch of earth to another. If you ever wondered what Peter Parker would be doing if he decided to explore floating ruins, this game is the answer you’ve been looking for.

For more details check out our Windlands PSVR Review.


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